Architectural Advisory Service

Our Architectural Advisory Service

Meet our Australian team. Get in touch for free fireplace advice and support for your next project.

Multiple fascia options available for Escea DX1000 gas fireplace

Design Your Fire tool

Match our fires with fireplace surrounds and fuel beds you like. Try this tool »

New house blueprint plan with ducted air heating solution provided by Escea gas fireplace

Customised Ducted Heating

The DX1500 & DX1000 circulate heat throughout the home with our Heat Ducting Technology.

Escea fireplaces in a top 30 house in New Zealand and Australia

Featured in Trends Magazine's Top 30 Houses

Escea fireplaces are a valued tool in the arsenal of some of the world's most notable architects. See this Trends Case Study.

Escea double-sided gas fireplace surrounded by multiple interior design finish options

Design and Finish Freedom

Double sided options and a variety of flexible flue systems allow you to realise any design vision.

Escea gas log fire in a wall with wooden panels

The Freedom to Choose Your Surround

Our fireplaces are Zero Clearance, meaning the choice of fireplace surround is limited only by your creativity.

Sample installation diagrams for Escea gas fireplaces with horizontal flue termination

Installation Flexibility

The Powered Direct Vent flue system offer lots of options and is designed with architects in mind.

Here to help.

Escea takes a client-focused, collaborative approach to working with architects. In fact we have an Architectural Advisory (AA) team dedicated to working with you on projects. Our advisors are on hand to discuss how you can advance your client’s goals, and ultimately come up with a solution that truly fits your client’s lives.

The AA team can also work with your plans and specifications to ensure a smooth project planning and implementation process. With early input, the Escea AA team can address issues such as heating capacity, duct and flue runs in the concept stage of the design. All AA consultation is complimentary.

Why Escea?

Fits in anywhere

With our zero clearance ratings an Escea fireplace fits just about anywhere inside or outside the home. They can be fitted in existing chimneys or any standard wall and their flues can run through walls, ceilings or the floor.  They can even be put straight under a wall mounted TV.

Treads lightly

Independent testing has placed Escea fires among the world’s most efficient with the greatest heat output. And for every fireplace made, we plant a tree to make our carbon footprint even smaller.

One for every home

Escea has the perfect gas heater for every home. From the powerful and striking multiroom DX Series that ducts heat to other rooms, to the AF Series that will make your living room feel intimate and cosy.

Fireplace Specifications

Please select your prefered fireplace model, see installations, learn more about it or move straight to technical details (Info Sheets or CAD drawings).

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DL850   9.2kW   4.5     View DL850
DL1100   10.4kW   5.0     View DL1100
DX1000   8.4kW 4.8   View DX1000
DX1500   10.4kW 4.3   View DX1500
AF700   5.6kW   3.8     View AF700
AF960   7kW   4.0     View AF960
FS730 freestanding   5.6kW   3.8     View FS730
ST900   4.2kW         View ST900
EF5000   16.5kW           View EF5000
EW5000   WOOD           View EW5000