Escea Videos

Featured below is a range of our own in-house and externally created videos showcasing our Escea factory, staff and products. Please note that some older videos may feature products that are no longer in production or available in your area.


Escea Introduction - 2012
Company introduction prepared for potential international distributors by Nigel Bamford, Escea’s Chief Executive. This video explains the technological advantages Escea has from being based in New Zealand.

Dunedin NZ Promotional Video - 2014
A promotional video commissioned by the Dunedin City Council featuring interviews with our design and production team members in our Dunedin factory.

Company Profile - 2010
Find out who we are at Escea. Showcasing our Escea factory, staff, our environmental commitment and several fireplace models.

Better by Design Case Study - 2014
Our Escea Senior Management discuss the key learning points they have identified through the Better By Design programme with comments from the Design Coach.

ONE News Report - 2014
New Zealand TV ONE News reporting on our Escea DX Series fireplaces achieving the highest gas fireplace efficiency rating on the European market.

Escea ONE news story

3 News Report report - 2013
New Zealand Tech Bytes features our Smart Heat Technology which allows remote operation online or via a Smartphone app. See this Video here »

Escea ONE news story

ONE News Report - 2012
Our Escea staff and Chief Executive comment on the 2012 New Zealand budget. See this Video here »

Escea 3 news story

3 News Report - 2009
New Zealand 3 News reports on our exhibit preparations for the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo in the USA. See this Video here »

Interview with Escea CEO - 2012
Nigel Bamford, Escea CEO, is an alumni of the New Zealand Young Enterprise Scheme. This interview covers the Escea business story and Nigel gives tips to future entrepreneurs.

Fire Intro

European Range -2013

North American Range -2011

Basic Fireplace Intro - 2011
Fireplace training video explaining how gas fireplaces work, flueing options and difference between available terminologies. Please note that IB-Series & ST500 models are no longer in production.


Smart Heat Remote Control - 2015

Direct Vent Flue System - 2015

DX Series Heat Ducting - 2015

DF Series Gas Fireplaces

DF700 Video - 2017

DF960 Video - 2017

DX Series Multiroom Gas Fireplaces

DX1500 Video

DX1000 Video

DX1500 Training Video - 2011

DX Series Heat Ducting - 2015

DL Series Gas Fireplaces

DL850 Video

New Zealand River Coal fuel bed

Log fuel bed

ST900 Gas Fireplace

ST900 Video

ST900 Crystalight Fuel Bed

ST900 Range Video - 2011

ST900 Training Video - 2011

Outdoor Wood and Gas Fireplaces

EF5000 Video 1

EF5000 Video 2

EW5000 Video

EW5000 Video - Cooking presentation

Outdoor Fires Training Video - 2011