Escea AF700 high output gas fire with large flame display.

AF700 with Volcanic Black Slim fascia and Log fuel bed

Escea AF700 high output gas heater in a brick/masonry chimney cavity and mantle.

AF700 with Volcanic Black Slim fascia and Log fuel bed

Multiple fascia options available for Escea AF700 gas fireplace

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Escea AF700 gas fireplace with a white mantel and book shelves arround

AF700 with Volcanic Black Slim fascia and Log fuel bed

Escea AF700 gas fire in a renovated living room.

AF700 with Volcanic Black Slim fascia and Log fuel bed

 Escea AF700 gas fire installed into a timber wall in a new home.

AF700 with Volcanic Black Slim fascia and Log fuel bed


Discontinued (see DF700)

The AF Series of gas fires has been discontinued. The DF Series will replace it – a similar looking fire, but now with direct vent power flue technology for increased efficiency and install flexibility.

High Output (Gas)

The AF700 gas log fire is elegant in style, efficient in operation and easy to use. Its carefully considered dimensions make it the perfect replacement for an open fronted wood fireplace. The AF700 can also be installed straight into a timber framed wall without the need for expensive fire rated materials.

More Flame, Less Frame

Inspired by trending design cues, the AF700 fireplace insert has incorporated the minimalist European style. This design decision grants 2x more viewable flame area than other fireplaces in its category in the market. With a simplistic appearance, the AF700 gas heater adapts to its surroundings, making it perfect for a mantle or tile surround.

Using a variety of leading edge technologies, the AF700 gas heater will transform your fireplace experience. If you are replacing your wood fireplace, imagine: controlling your fireplace using your smartphone; having no mess; and eliminating pollution particles caused by your open fronted wood fireplace.

Design Options

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Escea Slim fascia style for AF700 gas fireplace

Slim (2 colours)

Escea Stretch fascia style for AF700 gas fireplace can hide any imperfections between the fire and the wall finish

Stretch (2 colours)

Fuel Bed Options

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Smart Heat

The AF700 can be remotely operated via any device connected to the internet. In addition to the normal remote, a smart phone with the Escea Smart Heat app installed can be used to operate the gas heater. More info »


Direct Vent flue allows flexibility in location and installation of Escea gas fireplaces

Direct Vent

The Direct Vent flue that the AF700 fire uses only fresh air from outside for combustion. This means that none of the warm room air is lost through the flue or used for combustion in the firebox. This system also makes it much more efficient as you retain more heat from the energy that is used.

Remote Control for Escea gas fire

Remote Control

This gas heater comes supplied with a remote control so you can adjust the temperature from the comfort of your couch.

Escea AF700 gas fireplace installed in timber cavity

Timber cavity fireplace

This fireplace insert is suitable to be built into a timber cavity.

With Escea Zero Clearance you don't need any special wall material to install a gas fireplace

Brick chimney retrofit fireplace

This gas log fire can be installed into a brick chimney with aluminium flexi-flue extensions.