IB850 with Titanium Silver Bevelled fascia and Log fuel bed

IB850 with Titanium Silver Inset fascia and Log fuel bed

Optional side panels reflect the dancing gas flames and the fuel bed to make the fireplace look even wider.

IB850 with Volcanic Black Squared fascia and Log fuel bed

IB850 with 3-sided Titanium Silver Bevelled fascia and Log fuel bed

IB850 - Discontinued (see DL850)

High Output Fireplace (Gas)

The IB850 is still a fireplace that offers a great wide-view flame area as well as enough heat (7.5 kW) to keep even the largest living areas toasty warm.

The great remote technology features and many fascia and fuel bed finish options definitely add more to its popularity for Australian houses. Reflective side panels are attractive features of this model.

Installation is easy as no expensive fire rated wall construction is needed. This means that you can also easily place a TV above the fireplace.

Design Options







Fuel Bed Options



Rocks & Coals

Pebbles (3 colours)


Wireless Control

Wireless Control

A smart remote allows regulation of temperature and flame display. Desired operating times can be easily prescheduled.

Wire Mesh Screen

Wire Mesh Screen

A deflector screen increases the contrast of the flames and virtually eliminates reflections. The screen also offers additional protection, making it harder for young fingers or clothing to touch the hot glass.

Reflective Side Panels

Reflective Side Panels

You can optionally add the mirror-like surface on the side walls of a firebox which reflects the dancing gas flames and the visually stunning fuel bed.

Zero Clearance

Zero Clearance

This fireplace is rated zero clearance so you will not need to build an expensive fire rated wall construction. You can install this fireplace directly into a plasterboard timber framed cavity and place a TV above it. See the manual for details and two available flue types.