Escea DX1500 multiroom gas log fire installed under a flat screen TV creats a great flame display for two rooms

See-Through Frameless DX1500 with Driftwood on White Crystalight fuel bed

Escea DX1500 single-sided gas fireplace in a modern luxury house with a view on lakes and mountains

DX1500 with Volcanic Black Bevelled Lite fascia and Black Crystalight fuel bed

Escea warm air heat ducting obligatory for Escea DX1500 gas heater allows to push warm air to different part of the room or the house while creating an ultra wide statement in a living space.

The DX1500 circulates heat throughout the home with our Multiroom Technology. Watch video & learn more >

Escea double-sided DX1500 gas fireplace in a modern barn style house in a countryside creates an inviting atmosphere and provides well needed warm - you can read more on this case study.

See-Through DX1500 with Driftwood on White Crystalight fuel bed in cosy country barn house - see this Case Study.

Multiple fascia options available for Escea DX1500 gas fireplace

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Escea DX1500 gas fireplace in a specious living area with impressive concrete wall - a perfect gas log fire to eature in modern Sydney or Melbourne house

Frameless DX1500 with Black Crystalight fuel bed

With Escea high efficiency DX Series multiroom gas fireplaces you can finish surround of the frameless fire with whatever material you want creating a beautiful statement fireplace wall for any part of the house

The DX1500 offers freedom to choose your surround.

Escea earned the Best Bronze design award

Escea DX1500

High Efficiency Multiroom Fireplace (Gas)

The DX1500 provides a dramatic statement with a 1.5m ultra-wide viewable glass area, unique flame pattern and simplistic profile.

Our revolutionary heat transfer system makes our DX Series log fires a whisper-quiet home heating addition.

This fireplace is available as a double sided fireplace.

Escea DX1500 gas fireplace was nerly a product of the year in 2012

Design Options

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Fuel Bed Options

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Multiroom Technology

Our unique Heat Ducting Technology circulates heated air through the ceiling and floor ducts, not just within the room, but even throughout the house. More info »

Smart Heat

The DX1500 can be remotely operated via any device connected to the internet. In addition to the normal remote, a smart phone with the Escea Smart Heat app installed can be used to operate the gas heater. More info »

Powered Direct Vent Flue

This fireplace uses a Powered Direct Vent, which allows long horizontal and vertical flue runs. This efficient flue system offers considerable flexibility in location and installation. More info »

Other Features

Escea Reflective Side Panels make Escea gas fires even longer and more impressive

Reflective Side Panels

Elongates the firebox for an infinite flame effect.

With Escea Zero Clearance you don't need any special wall material to install a gas fireplace

Zero Clearance

No need for expensive fire rated structures. Install straight into a timber framed cavity and place a TV above. See manual for more details.