Fuel Beds

We all love the comforting, mesmerising effect that flames bring to our rooms. The ambience and wellbeing created by the sight of flames and glowing fuel bed cannot be overestimated. Escea gas fireplaces offer an impressive display of flames, even when turned down low. Because we each have our own individual preferences, Escea offers a large range of fuel beds to choose from:

Rocks & Coals

3 colours

Rocks & Coals Fuel Bed for Escea gas fireplaces

White or black pebbles are great for creating contrasts in your décor while river rocks stress an appreciation of the great New Zealand outdoors and presents a softer, more natural feel.

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1 colour


Like precious stones, this fuel effect creates a high end, modern look, magically reflecting moving flames from many facets.

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2 options

Wood Fuel Bed for Escea gas fireplaces

Our wood inspired fuel beds are the perfect setting for a more natural feel to your fire. Available in three stunning styles.

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Driftwood On White Stones

The driftwood pieces couple with white stones to give and natural but modern look.

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