Escea ST900 gas fireplace in a modern light living room - perfect ambiance

ST900 with Stainless Steel Slab fascia with New Zealand River Rock fuel bed

Multiple fascia options available for Escea ST900 gas fireplace

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Escea ST900 gas log fire installed under TV

 ST900 with Stainless Steel Slab fascia with Driftwood fuel bed

Escea ambient ST900 gas heater in a living room overlooking spectacular montains

 ST900 with Stainless Steel Slab fascia with Driftwood fuel bed

Escea ST900 gas heater with black surround and black armchair

 ST900 with Volcanic Black Slab fascia with New Zealand River Pebble fuel bed

Escea ST900

Low Gas Consumption Fireplace

The ST900 gas log fire has been designed as an additional heat source for homes which have other heating solutions. You don’t have to compromise the romanticism of flames in smaller rooms or in warmer climates because the gas fire gives out too much heat. The ST900 even uses a third less gas than conventional open-fronted gas fires, making it an economical option. This gas log fire also comes with a battery back-up, so it will continue to operate during power outages.

Fuel Bed Options

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Direct Vent Flue

A sealed combustion system which can be fitted vertically or horizontally for a draught-free room. More info »

Other Features

Wireless Control to operate and set room temperature with Escea ST900 gas fireplace

Wireless Remote

Remote control allows regulation of temperature and flame display. Preschedule weekly operating times.

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Escea offers Reflective Side Panels for its modern gas fires

Reflective Side Panels (Optional)

Elongates the firebox for an infinite flame effect.

Wire Mesh Protective Screen for Escea gas log fires

Wire Mesh Screen

A deflector screen which eliminates reflections. Plus it acts as additional protection for small fingers.

Escea Zero Clearance gas fireplaces can be installed in timber cavity

Zero Clearance

No need for expensive fire rated structures. Install straight into a timber framed cavity and place a TV above. See manual for more details.