Direct Vent for Escea ST Series indoor gas fireplaces

Direct Vent for Escea indoor gas fireplaces

Direct Vent fireplaces (also called balanced flue) are sealed combustion systems. This means the oxygen for combustion is delivered through the flue from outside the home. There is absolutely no exchange with the room air. Old flue technology and open-fronted fireplaces draw air from the room creating drafts. Escea fires eliminate this problem.

Direct Vent systems offer many options for siting the fireplace and routing the flue because they can terminate either up and through a roof or simply out through an external wall directly behind a fireplace. A combination of both horizontal and vertical flue run is also possible. In many houses this system is much easier to install, especially in houses without an existing chimney. To access technical information about Escea Direct Vent, please visit the Manual and Technical section.