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A fireplace is made for you to enjoy – not only for functional purposes but also for beauty and design. Therefore, the fireplace should fit your needs rather than you needing to fit in with it. That is where Escea comes in to play. Zero Clearance rating is here to make sure you can have whatever fireplace you want, wherever and however you want it. Location and wall structure are finally not a problem.

Zero clearance demo

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It’s time to say goodbye to our Danish interns who have been working here at Escea for the past 6 months. Fun was had, projects were achieved and overall, they had a helluva Kiwi experience.FarewellDanishstudents_blog

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We’re so excited to let you know that we’re going to be at NZ’s largest build and construction expo: BuildNZ DesignEX Canterbury.

Escea at DesignEX Banner Canterbury

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DX1500: Escea’s Enchantress


Boasting an impressively wide flame display, clean framing lines, reflective side panels and an artistic stature; the DX Series is the Majesty of Flame.

So why wouldn’t you want to double the drama?

The reflective side panels paired with the see-through feature elongates the flame and extends it into two areas. In addition, the infinite flame effect offers a stronger, more powerful spectacle in your home, which you can simply frame with an Escea Velo Lite fascia or leave to its natural beauty.

The double sided, see-through option also adds to the charm of the DX Series fireplaces as it emphasises the striking focus it can bring to your living space.

Frameless-DX1500-Driftwood-01-hi-res_edited copy

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Renovating an entire house isn’t an easy feat – even more so than building from scratch. Trying to create the vision you imagine while adhering to the limitations of the current structure can be a nightmare – “can” being the key word. Bob and Sandra had their perfect design in mind and nothing was going to stop them. From the beginning, the only item they were absolutely sure of was the Escea ST900 fireplace. When they first approached the Architect, Bob remarked “we want this fireplace, so you need to build around it”. And the rest is history.

Escea ST900 low gas consumption fireplace

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 Raylene Ralston, Leading Hand of Electronics, Packing & Functional Testing.

Escea people: Raylene Ralston

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There’s been a lot of noise in our factory after the arrival of our new Turret press – literally!

Escea Turret Press

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Located in the heart of Dunedin, this apartment-inspired, three level home had rocky beginnings but worked out for the better in the end. With sweeping views of the city which incorporates the beautifully crafted, neo-Gothic castle at Otago Boys’ High, Roger Fewtrell and wife Derryn couldn’t be happier with the final result. In fact, they’re now building two more houses next door.

Roger and Derryn wanted something convenient to town, easy maintenance and simple styling. However, the longer they searched the harder it was to find something that suited their criteria. As a man who used to design commercial kitchens for his company, putting pencil to paper to plan out their dream home was like getting back on a bike. Roger and Derryn meticulously prepared the detailed floor plans to which they would pass on to Architect, Hamish Wixon (McCoy & Wixon Architects), to finish “all of the tricky bits”.

View out onto Dunedin  

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Since 2009, Escea’s interns have had a long standing tradition, which not one intern has failed to complete. Hooker Lake, located in Mt. Cook National Park, is the subject of this tradition involving an icy-cool swim from the shore to an iceberg of the students’ choice.  The Hooker Valley track is the most popular of all the tracks in the Mt. Cook National Park and includes alpine views and a couple of swing-bridge crossings. Scattered with sculptures of ice, Hooker Lake has seen no less than 40 European engineering interns from Escea.

Escea Interns travel to Mt Cook, NZ.

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As the Brand Manager for Escea and someone who has considerable input into the design of our new models, I saw attending the Milan Furniture Fair as a great opportunity to see the latest in European design trends.


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