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The Escea Marketing team and myself took a trip out to the Otago Peninsula for an on location shoot to interview Diane Barker about her experience with her beloved Escea fireplace.
Escea case study at Otago Peninsual

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Escea top 15 Interior Design Trends

2016 is well upon us and what’s a better topic to start with than 2016 design trends. There’s an abundance of new styles, colours and looks for the upcoming year, and we are so excited. Let’s get stuck into our 15 favourite interior design trends of 2016. We’re especially excited about one in particular; however we never lost faith in the rightful place of the fireplace as the main focal point in the living room.

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Summer is here, which means more time spent outdooors. Spending more time outdoors means you want the best outdoor living area you can have. In this blog, we discuss 14 tips for making your outdoor living area snazzy, exciting, intriguing, beautiful and fun! Read on for some fantastic summer time tips for outdoor living.

Outdoor drinks with an Outdoor fireplace


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In 2015, we’re seeing a huge move towards a new style of outdoor living. People want more of an outdoor lounging area with resort-style features, a lot more colour and cooking & heating facilities.

Escea's Outdoor Gas Heater

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Having a place to gather with friends and family is central to Escea’s mission for a fire in every home. Sitting around a fireplace is about comfort and togetherness, and what better way to show our appreciation for gathering with family than to highlight favourite family pastimes.

Escea christmas competition

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There’s a lot of factors to consider when you’re renovating a home. A fireplace is one of them.

Choosing a fireplace that will fit in with your renovation plans is a bit tricky. A fireplace has a lot of factors to consider. You have to think about the flue, the clearance, the materials suitable for around your fireplace and how it can be fitted into your home.

Escea AF700 retrofit gas fire in mantle

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for these homeowners it’s the fireplace. After spotting a double sided fireplace in a magazine a number of years ago, Jenny and Tim Edmonds decided that they had to have a fireplace like it one day. So when it came to building their first home, their dream fireplace was the starting point for the entire house design. “We never wanted to jeopardise having our double sided gas fire” says Jenny, “We had our heart set on this right from the beginning and thought that if we are building then this is our priority”.

Escea DX1500 with feature wall [ Read more ]

With inner city property markets at an all-time high, this family of four decided to think outside the box when it came to finding their dream home. They bought a piece of land an hour out of the central city and built their home from scratch.

Home with Escea Gas Fireplace

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We always have ease and convenience in mind when it comes to creating products for our customers. Usually this focus is predominantly on physical products, but now we’re creating digital products with this same aim in mind.

iPad - Escea Design Your Fire

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Escea was a finalist for two products (AF700 gas fireplace & FS730 gas fireplace) at the 2015 Best Design Awards, and although we came away with no awards this time it was a fantastic New Zealand event to attend. In 2013, Escea was a finalist for the DL Series and in 2012 Escea came away with a Bronze Award for the DX Series.

Alex Hodge, Escea’s Lead Designer, attended the awards and wanted to share the unique experience that was the 2015 Best Design Awards. This is the Five Best Bits of the Best Awards.

Escea at Best Awards

Photo Credit: Hollow Creative

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