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Author Archive

July 3, 2015
Old House gets a Modern Expansion with Escea Fireplace

Renovating an old house can be difficult if you’re trying to preserve its traditional character. However the owners of this 1950s weatherboard home broke from tradition when they expanded, and created a brave distinction between old and new.








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June 26, 2015
6 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

1. Hide and seek with your windows.


Living room with a fire and flowers on table

Curtains and blinds can significantly reduce heat loss through your windows. To maximise the sunshine hours, open your curtains and blinds when the sun is shining during the day to capture the warmth, then close them in the evening to keep the heat in. The main reason why curtains and blinds are used within a household is to create a seal that will prevent the warm air from getting out and also stop colder air coming through. When warming your house with a gas fire, it is important to play hide and seek with your windows. Ultimately, your fire will heat your room more efficiently because the warm air will stay inside the room and you can keep your fireplace at a lower temperature.

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June 15, 2015
Design Your Fire puts the power in your hands

At Escea, we are putting the design power in your hands.

We are excited to announce the release of our new web app “Design Your Fire”. With this design tool, you can create and compare a wide range of Escea fireplace ideas, mixing and matching the design features. This allows you to visualise each fire, so you can pick the perfect one to suit your home.

Design Your Fire is super easy to use. With the drop-down menus, you first select the fireplace model you want to view. Next, choose the style and colour of your fireplace surround (fascia). To finish your fireplace design, add a fuel bed.

Design Your Fire screenshot

Try swapping elements to try different looks. The app allows you to try different options across our range of design features. Fascias are available in different colours and styles. Fuel beds come in several different types – you can create a Gas Log Fire, try Black or White Coals, NZ River Rock, Driftwood or try glass Crystalight in a variety of colours. You can also add logs to a Crystalight base. We even have frameless and double sided see-through fires.

Frameless DX1500 double sided see-through

Torn between two ideas? Escea has you covered with the ‘Compare Fireplaces’ function. Create two designs and compare them side-by-side. The image of your second design will appear next the first one on the screen. You can then use the sliding tool to show more or less of each design.


Now that you have your perfect fire in mind, you can save the web link in your Bookmarks folder or press “Copy Link” to easily copy the website address. Paste the link to share your idea on social media, or in an email, so your friends and family can easily open and view your design.

At Escea, we wanted to put the power of design into the hands of our customers. The result was Design Your Fire.

Escea Design Your Fire AF700

June 8, 2015
Escea AF700 Gas Fire Burn Video

See our new model gas fireplace, the Escea AF700, in action in our latest video. With 2x the glass display, the AF700 gives you more flames to enjoy. Check out the glowing embers – they look just like the real thing.

Escea’s Lead Designer Alex Hodge noted that homes in New Zealand and Australia often have open-front wood fires paired with classic mantles and tiles. These fireplaces are becoming a burden to many due to their inefficiency, the mess and smoke created, environmental concerns and the effort and hassle associated with firewood. With the AF700, you can easily and efficiently heat a medium-sized room while enjoying the ambience of mesmerising flames.

Best of all, if you want to keep your character features like the mantle – you can.

Key features:

  • Minimal framing suits classic or contemporary home design
  • Able to be retrofitted into existing cavities
  • Flue can be dropped down an existing chimney
  • Smart Heat Control technology using iOS or Android smartphone app
  • 5.5 kW heat output
  • 3.8 ENERGY STAR rating
  • Whisper-quiet internal fan increases heat output
  • Direct Vent flue technology – this increases energy efficiency. By bringing in air from the outside to provide the oxygen to the fire (instead of drawing it from inside the room), drafts are eliminated.

Find out more here.

June 5, 2015
AF700 Competition Australia – Shortlist announced. Voting Open.

Congratulations to all our Australian finalists in to win the new AF700 fire!

We had over 200 entries from across Australia and New Zealand, making shortlisting a difficult task. We saw dozens of decommissioned fires, countless examples of inefficient open-fronted fires, and even a few shivering cats and dogs!

Our 13 Australian finalists are:

Kate B (NSW), Sonia B (NSW), Valentina B (Victoria), Amy F (NSW), Joanne G (Victoria), Deborah G (Victoria), Dianne H (Tasmania), Kelly J (Victoria), Samantha L (South Australia), Jennifer P (Victoria), Spiro T (Adelaide), Sharyn Y (NSW) and Meredith M (NSW).


To view the entries, go to our Escea Australia Albums page on Facebook and ‘Like’ your favourite photo to vote for them to win! Voting closes soon so get to it!

June 5, 2015
AF700 Competition New Zealand – Shortlist announced. Voting Open.

Congratulations to all our New Zealand finalists in to win our new AF700 fire!

We had over 200 entries from across Australia and New Zealand, making shortlisting a difficult task. We saw dozens of decommissioned fires, countless examples of inefficient open-fronted fires, and even a few shivering cats and dogs!

Our 12 New Zealand finalists are:

Renee O (Auckland), Anna W (Wanganui), Alison L (Hastings), Virginia M (Wellington), David U (Auckland), Natasha P (Dunedin), Fee B (Gore), Cherryl W (Hamilton), Sophia G (Wellington), Martyn D (Oamaru), Barb C (Auckland) and Kama S (Dunedin).


To view the entries, go to our Escea New Zealand Albums page on Facebook and ‘Like’ your favourite photo to vote for them to win! Voting closes soon so get to it!

May 21, 2015
Escea at Sydney Home Show – May 2015

Escea Fireplaces will be at the Sydney Home Show from 28th – 31st May, 2015. Sydney’s largest, most popular Home Show is being held at the Sydney Showground Exhibition Building in the Olympic Park precinct. We can be found at stand H10, and will have four fires on display:

  • our latest release, the AF700 which can be easily retrofitted into an existing fireplace cavity
  • the ultra wide, double sided, see‐through DX1500
  • the highly-efficient DL850 gas fireplace
  • the EF5000, our open-fronted outdoor gas heater

We would love to show you our fires, so please drop by and say hello! We will be happy to answer your questions, and show you why Escea gas fireplaces are innovative and efficient without sacrificing on style.

The show is open 10am – 5pm on Thursday and Friday, and for extended hours, 10am – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please call Glen Dimplex Australia on 1300 554 155 or visit http://www.escea.com/au/


The new AF700 gas fireplace can be retrofitted into existing cavities, allowing you to retain character features, like mantles and tiling. See one in real life at the Sydney Home Show

May 14, 2015
6 Cosy Rooms with Fireplaces for Winter

The combination of the luxurious U-shaped couch, plump pillows, large television and fireplace just screams cosy comfort. You can already imagine yourself nuzzling down in between the cushions with a bowl of popcorn watching The Notebook –am I right or am I right? The only thing that would make this scene is light those big beautiful candles and dim the lights. Bliss.

Contemporary Family Room by Aspen Architects & Building Designers Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

If the linear fireplace takes your fancy, check out our ultra-wide frameless DX fireplaces.

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May 8, 2015
Multiroom Heat Ducting Explained.

Our DX Series fireplaces can heat multiple rooms with our Heat Ducting Technology and distribute heat evenly within a room. Watch this animation to learn more.

April 30, 2015
What is an insert fireplace?

You may keep seeing the words ‘insert gas fireplace’ but you’re saying “What does this mean?”  Never fear – “insert gas fireplace” is mainly industry jargon. Most fires are insert fireplaces unless they’re obviously not.


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