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Author Archive

June 21, 2016
How to add a new fireplace, but keep your home’s character



Think replacing your wood fireplace with a modern gas fireplace means losing character? Think again!

We give you eight examples of how you can work a modern gas fireplace into your character home and still make it work. I believe that’s called having your cake and eating it too…

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June 20, 2016
Talking Fireplace Innovation with Peter Wolfkamp

Peter Wolfkamp

Our CEO Nigel Bamford recently caught up with everyone’s favourite ‘resident builder’ Peter Wolfkamp on his Newstalk ZB radio show. They discussed the technology and innovation in gas fireplace design that has been a game changer for architecture.

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June 16, 2016
Escea Technology Explained – in Layman’s Terms.

Direct Vent Flue technology, Zero Clearance rating, Multiroom Heat Ducting…it all sounds great but what on earth does it actually mean?

Read on to find out what these technical terms mean (spelt out in layman’s terms). More importantly, find out what the advantages are for you and your home.

Escea DL1100 gas fireplace


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June 7, 2016
Ask an Architectural Advisor – Council Consent

AA Richard Miller

Architectural Advisor (AA) Richard Miller

Q.) Do you need a council consent for a new gas fireplace?

Richard:That’s a question I’ve had to deal with myself! When we were doing up our house, we already had a consent in for a wood burner, but changed our mind and put in a gas fire instead.

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May 30, 2016
Framing the view

If there is anything as mesmerising as the flicker of city lights, then it must be the slow dance of flames.

Photo cred: Sam Noonan

Architects Ink’s design for Plane Tree House, winner of the Institute of Architecture South Australia’s residential architecture award, uses the raw beauty of concrete, timber and glass to complement its natural environment, showing us that rather than dominating the landscape, breath-taking results can be achieved through working with the site and materials.  [ Read more ]

May 24, 2016
Indoor Outdoor Flow with a Double Sided DX1000

An award-winning building company’s display home connects indoors to lush wetland outdoors. A  tiled feature wall enclosing a double-sided Escea DX1000 is the focal feature. APS homes is known for its solid design, luxury fittings and clever features. The multi-award-winning, custom-built luxury home builders describe themselves as “collaborative; small and bespoke,” and pride themselves on their reputation for attention to detail and quality of tradespeople.

Black Stallion House

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May 12, 2016
Living Room Makeover

From dark and dated to modern, warm and inviting…an inspiring living room transformation.

Nick and Rachel purchased their large, Arts and Crafts style manor as a ‘renovation project’ and top on their ‘to-do’ list was their large South facing living room.

They enlisted the help of Gaynor from Melanie Craig Design to give the space some warmth and “add a modern twist.”

renovation after photo 1

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May 3, 2016
Ask an AA: do gas fires actually heat?

AA Richard Miller

AA Richard Miller

Richard: It’s funny because this is probably the question we most often get asked!

Which is fair enough, considering a lot of people’s experience of a gas fire is of the open fronted variety.  These types of fires use room air to burn so they bring more cold air into the room via the “makeup air” vent.

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April 14, 2016
Sleek Modernity, Economic Heating in Seaside Suburb

A seaside suburban house floats above its flow path site and is “packed with good design,” including an Escea DX1500 fireplace. new seaside suburb house with raised boardwalk

This striking home’s flow path site constraints were a challenge to award-winning Architecture Smith + Scully. The requirement of a higher above-ground floor level resulted in tighter Height to Boundary and maximum height constraints, but there was an ensuing benefit: straightforward installation of heating for the whole house via an Escea DX1500 Gas Multiroom fireplace.

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April 7, 2016
Fireplace the Heart of ‘Politely Modern’ Home

At the heart of a new family home balancing modernity with historic heritage is a ‘grunty’ Escea DL850 fireplace.

classic modern’ Architect Smith + Scully home

Family living space – it has to be perfect for now, and yet able to evolve. That’s what dictated the brief for this new five-bedroom house in a central city suburb. The clients’ desire for modernity needed to be balanced with ‘heritage and character’ zoning rules.  Award-winning Architecture Smith + Scully describe the resulting home as ‘sitting politely within the historic context.’

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