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October 1st, 2012
Escea fireplaces in the finals

The Escea DX Series fireplaces are not only popular with architects and clients but also have caught the eye of the best designers and stylists – both in New Zealand and also globally.

Award winning DX1500 Escea gas fireplace

The DX Series fireplaces are in the final of the New Zealand’s Best Product Design competition. The competition is organised by The Designers Institute and searches for the best graphic, product and spatial designs each year awarding different colour dots. Escea fireplaces are shortlisted with only 15 finalists in the consumer product category. Escea looks forward to October 5th when the winners will be announced at the gala in the Auckland Viaduct Event Centre. See our entry images here.

The DX1500 is also one of 33 finalists worldwide in the 2012 Product of the Year Awards organised globally by World Architecture News. This is the fourth edition of this competition which is definitely gaining momentum in term of quality and numbers of products entered. The jury seeks the best in architectural products & materials. Have a look at our WAN entry.

Escea was invited to submit further information for the judges in the form of A3 sized posters. You can have a look for them here:

DX1500 multiroom gas log fireplace made by Escea

Smart heat and energy star DX1500 Escea gas fire

Escea DX1500 double sided gas heater

Diagram of ducted heat with DX1500

Design flexibility with DX1500 Escea gas log fireplace

Installation flexibility with Escea DX1500 gas log fire

Double sided DX1500 Escea gas fire in a restaurant

Diagram on the technical information about DX1500 Escea gas fire

The Escea DX Series fireplaces (DX1500 & DX1000) are currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

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