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July 23rd, 2012
How do you choose the best fuel bed for your fireplace?

After choosing the correct size of a gas fireplace with the right heat output, the retailer will often ask you what kind of style front and fuel bed you require. This is when we see that the majority of buyers get overwhelmed with choice. Below we will cover some tips on how to choose your fuel bed (also known as flame effect, fire effect and fireplace bed, fire bed).

Escea fireplace with White Crystalight fuel bed Similar to the fascia of the fireplace, the base of dancing flames should work with the rest of the room and match the taste of the owner. Manufacturers of fireplaces come up with various options but in general you can expect variations on imitation logs, a rocky fuel bed or modern solutions from broken glass to other colourful material.

If you decide to go with the convenient and easy to use gas fireplace but enjoy the sound of crackling wood of an traditional open fire, you might be tempted to stick to the log finish for gas flames. The ceramic logs or branches are perfectly modelled and painted to appear as realistic as possible. The log option is ideal if you prefer a more traditional style. Escea gas fireplace with logs

The rocky fuel bed can be made up of real or simulated stones, coals, river rocks or pebbles. In most instances this fuel bed copies the rounded shape and colour of natural materials.

It is an excellent option to consider as it still looks visually appealing with the flames turned on or off. I personally like the natural feel of the naturally toned  river rocks which evokes memories of river hikes or rocky beach picnics.

Escea gas fire with White Coals

Modern Crystalight flame effects definitely stand out and make a statement.

They are excellent solutions for double sided, frameless or very wide fireplaces where the flames and base of the fireplace are key design features in a room.

You can choose classic black or white tones, but if you have a particular colour scheme in your room you wish to compliment, it is easy to introduce colourful elements into the firebed.

For example a room with blue leather furniture and accents will work well with a modern royal blue finish inside a firebox. Escea gas fire with Transparent Crystalight fuel bed

The other important thing to consider is the contrast between the fascia and the inside of your chosen fireplace. Take into consideration how the fireplace will look with the fireplace turned on, and off. Black rocks look fantastic with yellowish flames dancing on the top of them or without them – if the fireplace is framed with a silver fireplace front/fascia.

DL850 Escea gas fire with Black Coals fuel bed Having a range of options available, doesn’t mean that all options will work well together. As a buyer, take time to think about your preferences, house/room design and the contrast between the flame area and its surround, with the fireplace turned on or off.

Escea provides a wide range of fuel bed choices for our gas fireplaces, ranging from traditional logs to contemporary glass media.

The range includes Logs, Rock & Coals (White, Black, New Zealand River Rock), Crystalight (White, Black, Transparent, Royal Blue) and various wood pieces to create your own finish. The availability varies depending on the country and fireplace models for sale in each market.

Play around with our Design Your Fire tool to find the best Fuel Bed for your fireplace >>>> Design Your Fire tool

Escea Gas Fireplace Indoor Create own gas fireplace look using Escea Design your Fire tool Where to buy Escea fireplaces

2 thoughts on “How do you choose the best fuel bed for your fireplace?

  1. you got the good thouch of calm, caasul, and brought in the good place for adult’s to relax from a hard day. i like all the wooden tones. the only objections i have to this room are the kitchen. the kitchen is a lovely place but when you look over to the living room and the rest of the place, it looks out of place. and i really dispise those dining chairs. light blue is not meant to be in that room. but other then that YOU GUYS DID AMAZING!

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