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September 21st, 2012
New Addition to the Escea DX Range of Fireplaces

Escea is pleased to announce the arrival of the DX1000 fireplace to join the DX Series. DX fireplaces offer a see-through double sided option, heat ducting that allows the fireplace to be used in a central heating capacity and even allow control via an iPhone or Android app.

Escea see through DX1000 gas fireplace

The DX1000 fireplace is a smaller brother to the highly successful DX1500. This new fireplace is virtually identical to the DX1500 in features and function except the glass area is only 1 metre wide. The heat output for this fireplace is 8.4 kW (about 28,660 BTU). See the video:

The Escea DX series fireplaces offer an exciting new option for home heating. These gas fireplaces are extremely efficient. The DX1000 fireplace was tested to the Australian standards and achieved a great result of 4.8 stars making it one of the highest efficiency, high output fireplaces available.  These fireplaces are definitely a good choice for environmentally minded customers who seek a stylish heating solution for their living area or even the whole house.

Single sided frame less DX1000 gas fireplace

The DX Series offers Escea’s latest Smart Heat controller which allows remote operation of the fire by both smart phone app and even long distance control of the fireplace via the internet.  On cold nights this allows you to turn your fireplace on as you begin the drive home so your house is warm and inviting on arrival.

Escea smart heat control technology for DX series fireplaces

The Smart Heat system constantly monitors the temperature in the room and makes adjustments to the fireplace to ensure the room is kept at the exact temperature you have requested. It will automatically adjust the heat output and ramp the room air fan up and down through an infinite range of speeds so the fan is never running too fast or too slow.

Escea double sided DX1000 gas fireplace

The DX Series fireplaces use ducts to evenly distribute heat within the room and around the house. The DX1000 can have up to 5 outlets while the DX1500 can have up to 8. Ducting spread throughout the house allowing these fireplaces to act in a central heating capacity.

You can find more details in the design guide on heat ducting.

Escea DX1500 and DX1000 fireplace heat ducting technology

Another distinguishing feature of the DX Series is the double sided see through option. One fireplace that faces two adjoining rooms adds more charm, light and warmth to both, while giving the effect of turning two rooms into one. The fireplaces are virtually frameless, and with their minimalistic look easily adjust to any room’s décor, and allow any materials to be used to finish the surround of the fireplace. This is an example of the DX1500 double sided fireplace installed in the restaurant with the leather wall finish all around. Click on this picture to read more about this interesting case study.

Escea double sided DX1000 fireplace with leather finish

The Powered Direct Vent on the DX Series fireplace offers several advantages over a standard flue. It can be run either vertically or horizontally, and can be terminated on an outside wall. The fireplace is not affected by extractor fans, or air tight rooms, and therefore it is not necessary to provide make-up air. This simplifies installation, makes the fireplace more efficient and removes most environmental issues that can affect naturally drafted fireplaces.

Escea DX series fireplace powered direct vent

Please find dimensions and further details in the DX1000 Builder and Architect Info Sheet.

The DX1000 fireplace is available in New Zealand and Australia.

Escea website: www.escea.com

DX1500 video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OxV5e1PXls

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