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November 7th, 2016
Smart series: Multiple ideas for multiroom heating

When thinking multiroom heating solutions for the home a gas fire is not usually the first appliance to come to mind. However Escea’s DX Series gives you plenty of reasons to change your thinking.

resized v3

The DX Series combines ultra-wide sophistication with powerful heat, efficiency and Escea’s exclusive heat control system. Capturing up to 90% of the available heat and returning it back to every corner of the room via Escea’s Multiroom Technology, this is an environmentally conscious home heating choice.

The DX Series is available in both single and double sided versions. And with all the innovative technology going on behind the scenes, Escea’s DX Series gives designers the freedom to be more creative than ever before. It’s little wonder the DX graces some of the finest homes in Australasia.


An Escea double-sided DX1500 enclosed in a floating concrete centrepiece makes a stunning statement in this Melbourne home designed by Richard Ekberg.


A 100 year old renovated villa is given a modern update with a single sided Escea DX1000, proving a minimalist fire can work with any interior style.


A simple and monochromatic colour scheme is warmed up with dark oak floorboards, gold accessories, textured and patterned fabrics and an Escea DX1500 gas fireplace. Design Credit: Bindon Design Group. Image credit: Duncan Innes


marble surround resized

Designed by Paul Meschiati & Associates, this Perth home contrasts the cool sophistication of marble with the warmth of wood and a double-sided DX1500 by Escea.


Escea DX1500 gas fireplace with TV above

Escea’s zero-clearance technology and flexible flue system gives designers the freedom to be creative. Here an Escea DX1500 works in seamlessly with a schist rock wall and rotating TV.

Escea outdoor fireplaces Create own gas fireplace look using Escea Design your Fire tool Where to buy Escea fireplaces


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