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July 31st, 2014
The 3 ‘Ws’ of Escea’s Multiroom Technology.

When it comes to purchasing a fire, it seems like a straight forward decision. However, thanks to modern day technology there is more to ‘The Fire’ than ever before. That’s where our Multiroom Technology comes into play. First of all, we have this luxurious DX Series fireplace, but in addition it comes with this fab feature: Multiroom. So now you are wondering:

What is Multiroom?

Why should I have it?

Where does it go?

And… How does it work?

Well then, let’s get down to business.

Escea Multiroom ducting

What is Multiroom?

Multiroom is our unique heat ducting Technology which is available with our DX Series fireplaces.

Why should you have it?

What are the two main attractions of a fireplace – radiant and convected heat? You can sit in front of the fire to warm your fingers and toes and heat your room. So what if you could add circulated heat to the list? Radiant, convected and circulated heat.

Multiroom Technology offers a home heating solution in combination with the direct benefits of having a fireplace. Now you can stay warm without even needing to be in the same room as the ducting system circulates heat throughout your home. It also carries the heat into the farthest corners of the same room as the fireplace, so you achieve evenly distributed heat within the room. This not only keeps the whole room a consistent temperature, but also boosts the efficiency of the fireplace.

Although, if Multiroom isn’t your cup of tea – opt for the single room ducting. The heat output of the DX fire is so strong; we need to quickly draw heat away from the fireplace through the ducting. This is why the DX Series fireplace must have an accompanying ducting system, whether that is within the same room or throughout the home.

Where does it go?

The Escea ducting system can run through the floor or the ceiling, into the same room and throughout the house. The heat is then expelled by means of ceiling, floor or wall outlets, which can be customised to suit your personal preference. Each DX Series fireplace has a minimum and maximum amount of outlets that is required for optimal performance, which is dependent on the size.

How does it work?

The ducts transport the heated air from the fireplace through the ceiling and floor ducts to the outlets located either within the same room or throughout the house. The heat exchange system continuously heats the available air within the room and circulates it throughout the ducting system. This heated air is moved through the ducting system by the duct fan, which is automatically adjusted by our advanced Escea technology. This technology ensures the heat output and speed of the fan keeps the room at your desired temperature.

If you like the sound of the benefits our Escea Multiroom Technology can offer – whether you a building a house or renovating – get your architect to send in your architectural plans and our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you on the ducting layout.

DX1000 gas fireplace with a TV above


Dulux's Otaki Forks with Escea DX Series Multiroom fireplace

Dulux’s Otaki Forks with Escea DX Series Multiroom fireplace

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