escea double sided ds1400 gas fireplace
Escea DX1500 multiroom gas fireplace installed under a flat screen TV creats a great flame display for two rooms
Escea double-sided DX1000 gas fireplace is so flexible in installation that it can create a half wall in a modern open plan living New Zealand home and be finished with various interior design wall cladding.
Escea DX1500 multiroom gas fireplace in a brick wall adds lots of value to this new home and makes new owners proud of their home design and interior design features
Double-sided Escea DX1000 gas fireplace in a grey statement wall separates dinning and lounge area and also pushes warm air to both living spaces
With Escea high efficiency DX Series multiroom gas fireplaces you can finish surround of the frameless fire with whatever material you want creating a beautiful statement fireplace wall for any part of the house
Escea double-sided DX1500 gas fireplace in Lone Star restaurant
With this wide aspect DX1000 gas fire you can admire a flame display and the view out side as well as efficiently heat the space around the fireplace
Flame ambiance, top quality food and warmth of a fireplace makes for a perfect dinning experience at Saggio di Vino in Christchurch which features Escea DX1500 double-sided gas fireplace
Escea double-sided DX1500 gas fireplace in a modern barn style house in a countryside creates an inviting atmosphere and provides well needed warm - you can read more on this case study.
Escea Frameless ultra-wide gas fireplace with modern glass fuel bed for a modern house hold

See Through

Through The Wall Double Sided Fireplaces

One fireplace that faces two adjoining rooms adds more charm, light and warmth to both, while giving the effect of turning two rooms into one. If you can tear your eyes away from the flames dancing over the delicate modern Crystalight fuel bed, you can see through the flames into the other room.

You can choose to place the DX Series or DS1400 gas fireplace in the wall without any frame, or use either of two minimalistic single-framed Bevelled fronts.