Escea IB -Series I-CON Remote Technology

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I-CON  allows you to control your IB Series fireplace  (IB1100, IB850 & IB600 with serial number between 3000 and 25500) remotely from a mobile phone or the internet. On cold nights turn your fireplace on as you begin the drive home so your house is warm and inviting on arrival. This feature lets you also turn your Escea model off after leaving the house with a fireplace running.


Using your I-CON through the website allows you to personalise and pre-schedule your on and off settings, set the timer or simply use to turn on your gas fireplace. Via your mobile phone you can switch the fireplace ON or OFF by still simply calling any of two given phone numbers (one will turn the fireplace ON and the other will turn it OFF).


I-CON remote technology is an optional feature (additional electronic circuit board) and can be fitted either before or after installation.


How I-CON works? 

For phone activation:
Customers are given a phone number to turn the fireplace ON and turn it OFF.


Online activation:
Log into the website from there you can turn your fireplace ON or OFF instantly or set a time for it to be turned ON or OFF.

When the gas fireplace receives the ON or OFF signal it will utilise the thermostat and heat the room to the last temperature that was set on the wireless remote control.


I-CON website 

To create your account or use I-CON technology CLICK HERE and follow the steps.



Will i.con. work anywhere?
The I-CON remote technology works on the New Zealand pager network. It is necessary to have coverage at your home. To avoid disappointment we will recommend that you use this Spark website to check the available coverage.


How much does it cost to use the I-CON web interface?
In order to use the I-CON web interface, you will need to order an I-CON phone switch that is installed into your Escea gas fireplace. An I-CON can be purchased and installed at the same time as you purchase the Escea fireplace or installed at a later date. The RRP of an I-CON is $295.


What is the minimum number of credits you must purchase?
The cost of each data transmission between the I-CON website and your heater is $0.25. This is a fee charged by the telecommunications service provider for carrying the data on their network. The minimum number of 25c credits you will need to order is 100. Therefore the minimum dollar amount that will be charged online to your credit card is NZ$25.00