DF Series

High Output Gas Fireplaces

The Escea DF Series fireplaces combine simplistic design, installation flexibility and all the flame you could want. These gas fireplaces answer your questions for fitting a modernised fireplace into a brick chimney as a replacement for an old open fronted wood fireplace. They have been specially designed with dimensions suited for most brick chimney and masonry cavities.

The DF Series fireplaces have minimised the fascia size to a simple and elegant frame. This design decision grants 2x more viewable flame area than other fireplaces in its category in the market

These gas fires come complete with Smart Heat control to ensure optimal operation and an efficient burn. In addition, the Powered Direct Vent Power flue used on these gas fires increases the efficiency. This combination of technology allows 5 ENERGY STAR rating and between 5.9 kW to 7.7 kW & heat output, which comfortably heats your living space.