Multiroom Technology for Escea DX Series fireplaces

Our unique Multiroom Technology pushes the warmth of the fireplace to the farthest reaches of a room, boosting the efficiency and heat output of the DX Series fireplaces (DX1500 & DX1000).

How does a fireplace's heat ducting technology work?

The ducts transport the heated air from the fire through the ceiling and floor ducts to the outlets located either within the same room or throughout the house. The heat exchange system continuously heats the available heat within the room and circulates it throughout the ducting system. This heated air is moved through the ducting system by the duct fan, which is automatically adjusted by our advanced Escea technology. This technology ensures the heat output and speed of the fan keeps the room at your desired temperature.

How to distribute heat within your room or house?

When contemplating Escea’s Multiroom fireplace take into consideration these influencing factors:

  • The volume of the room to be heated.
  • How well the room is insulated.
  • The climate of the area. (e.g., South Island is cooler than North Island).


The Heat Ducting system is so flexible that the fireplace can be placed almost anywhere, offering unlimited installation options. To access technical information about Escea Heat Ducting Technology, visit the Manuals & Technical section. The design guide on the topic provides extensive details on running heat ducts within the house.

How does a heat outlet look like?

Escea provides a basic selection of plastic wall and ceiling outlets for your ducting system (also known as, ‘registers’, ‘diffusers’ or ‘vents’). These outlets come in a limited range of colours, however there are many other options on the market to suit your home’s décor, style or your personal preference (from wood to metal and modern to traditional).

If you wish to customise your heating outlets, you can purchase any rectangular wall or floor grill (size: 100 x 300mm) or a ceiling diffuser (diameter: 150mm) from an online retailer or your local hardware store. For an online retailer try: Smooth Air.