Kit Set Enclosure

Kit Set Enclosure for Escea EF5000 outdoor fireplace

The Kitset Enclosure (KSE) is an option to consider if your outdoor area does not have a suitable structure for your new Escea EF5000 fireplace. The kitset contains a ready-to-be-assembled steel frame and the necessary fastenings. Once assembled you can cover the KSE with a waterproof backing board and cladding of your choice. The assembled structure has the following dimensions: 1800w x 1200h x 600d (mm).

Installation of KSE is simple and has the following basic steps:

Assemble the KSE frame

The frame should be built using the metal components provided. Basic tools are needed.

Clad the KSE frame

A suitable cladding supplied by you should be added, following the guidelines and material requirements provided.

Install the fireplace

The fireplace engine, fuel bed and fascia are added and the fireplace is ready to use.

To access technical information about this EF5000 Kit Set Enclosure please visit the Manual & Technical section.