Escea gas fireplace flame heating a living space

Home Heating
Gas Fireplaces

Flames have warmed and mesmerised
humans for centuries. Modern-day gas
fireplaces are thermostatically controlled,
efficient, safe and easy to use.

Escea multiroom DX1500 gas fireplace heating diagram


With the Escea DX Series fireplaces,
warm air is circulated throughout the
home via heat ducts. This can be within
the same room or into multiple rooms
within your home.

DX Seires
Escea DL850 gas fireplace in an open plan home with modern design

Gas Heating for
Open Plan Living

Our high heat output, efficient fireplaces
are perfect for heating large living areas.
Heat a large room with the AF Series,
DL Series or spread heat to the farthest
corners of a room with the DX Series.


DL Series

DX Seires
Escea ST900 gas fireplace for smaller rooms

Flame for
a Single Room

Want to create ambience without
overheating your room? These Escea fireplaces are ideal for a smaller space - anywhere from lounge to bedroom.



A couple relaxing by an Escea fireplace inside modern home

Ambience & Atmosphere

If things are heating up in your living room, simply use the fireplace for its flame effect for your viewing pleasure.

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