Outdoor Fireplaces

Just because it’s a little cool outside it doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Escea outdoor gas or wood fireplaces let you enjoy the open air whilst still staying warm. The Escea outdoor fireplaces create a dramatic centre point to any outdoor gathering, adding sophistication and ambience to any occasion.


Outdoor Fireplace (Gas)

Escea EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace

The EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace adds ambiance and quick convenient heat to any outdoor area. It has a very clean modern look with a variety of fronts and fuel beds to choose from.

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Outdoor Cooking Fire (Wood)

Escea EW5000 outdoor wood fireplace

The EW5000 outdoor cooking fire allows enjoyment of BBQ cooking over the embers of burnt wood. It can be installed with a stainless steel front or recessed into the outdoor structure.

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