Introducing the DS1400

Double Sided Gas Fireplace
Frameless Gas Fire

DS Series

The DS Series has taken away everything you don’t need for a minimalist look that focuses on the flame. These fires are truly frameless – where the wall ends the glass begins. This double sided fire is the focal point of all living areas and the heating source that consistently inspires. 

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Escea Feature: Double the Appeal

Double the Appeal

Escea’s DS Series fireplaces can be single or double sided. A see-through, double sided fire option makes for a dramatic partition and is a great way to connect two spaces.

Escea Feature: Reflective Side Panels

Reflective Side Panels.

You can choose to add reflective panels to the side walls of the fire box. The panels’ mirror-like surface reflects the flame and the fuel bed, making the fire appear larger.

Escea Feature: TV right above

TV right above.

TVs and fireplaces just go together. And this fireplace has a reduced TV clearance minimum of 200mm above the top of the firebox, for your screen viewing pleasure. 

Walk into Warmth.

Escea Smart Heat connects your fire to your home network and gives you control of your fireplace from your smartphone. Whether you’re driving home from work on a cold winter’s night, or just relaxing on the couch…the perfect temperature is only a swipe away.

If you want to get inspired take a look at our some more of our DS range and the case studies that come along with it.  

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