Apartment-Inspired Three Level Home.

Located in the heart of Dunedin, this apartment-inspired, three level home had rocky beginnings but worked out for the better in the end. With sweeping views of the city which incorporates the beautifully crafted, neo-Gothic castle at Otago Boys’ High, Roger Fewtrell and wife Derryn couldn’t be happier with the final result. In fact, they’re now building two more houses next door.

Roger and Derryn wanted something convenient to town, easy maintenance and simple styling. However, the longer they searched the harder it was to find something that suited their criteria. As a man who used to design commercial kitchens for his company, putting pencil to paper to plan out their dream home was like getting back on a bike. Roger and Derryn meticulously prepared the detailed floor plans to which they would pass on to Architect, Hamish Wixon (McCoy & Wixon Architects), to finish “all of the tricky bits”.

Apartment Inspired Three Level Home

The couple wanted to make the most of the stunning views, so decided on three storeys. The top would act as a self-contained, apartment style section. The second would hold the spare bedrooms, games room and laundry; and the ground floor was fitted as a garage complete with a lift.

Last year, the couple only spent 13 weeks in Dunedin due to business trips. Therefore, it was essential that coming home from a long-haul trip was an easy, hassle-free process. Fortunately, the lift in the garage which carries their heavy suitcases straight to the door, and the Escea gas fireplace designed to quickly heat the self-contained floor, does just that!

To continue this easy, hassle-free theme, the Fewtrells desired a timeless, contemporary design. Light, airy and elegant were the driving factors. With large windows, a neutral palette and an open plan living space, the Fewtrells’ vision became a reality.

Apartment Inspired Three Level Home

Again furthering this motif, the Fewtrells wanted flame without the mess. The couple had already owned multiple houses with beautiful open front, wood fires, but were just sick of the effort that goes into starting, stoking, and cleaning a wood fire. So the transition to a gas fire was an easy choice. Roger was already well acquainted with our CEO, Nigel Bamford, and saw that it was important to put the money towards someone whom he knew and trusted.

The Escea DL850 fireplace was the perfect addition to the easy-living tone. When I asked what the best thing about the Escea fireplace is, Roger simply answered – “Push the button and it starts, push the button and it turns off. 90% of the romance with none of the muck”.

Roger uses the fireplace in conjunction with the heat pump, which he says is perfect for those cold Dunedin days. The Escea DL850 gives you the radiant warmth that you can’t get from the heat pump – great for when you come home from work and want the room to be heated quickly.

Not only is it easy to use, but the DL850 looks great. The Titanium Silver Velo fascia goes hand-in-hand with the elegantly modern detailing of the room and highlights the stone hearth located below it. To enhance the visual interest of the room, Roger placed a long window below the fireplace, which creates a floating effect and draws in more natural light.

Apartment Inspired Three Level Home

Roger studied Horticulture and worked in nurseries for several years before starting his own business, which explains the added natural touches throughout the home. The kitchen is a perfect example. While remaining within their design spec of simple and timeless, the pair successfully incorporated organic elements into their modern design. Although the kitchen boasts classic lines and a contemporary décor, Derryn Fewtrell chose a black granite bench top, a Kwila hardwood floor and an earthy toned splashback in Resene Stonhenge, which enhances the native connection. This is emphasised by the perfectly positioned counter plants – also conveniently adding a pop of colour.

The couple are now building two more houses, similar in design, right next door – both with Escea fireplaces. (The concrete for the foundation was being poured as we spoke). So if you love this house – watch this space!

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