DX Series and DL Series fireplaces on EECA list

The Escea DX1500 and DL850 models are now on the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority list of approved heating products. This opens a way for some ENERGYWISE funding.

Escea new DX1500 and DL850 fireplaces are on the list of efficient gas fireplaces recognised by New Zealand government agency. The list of gas fireplaces with ratings above 4 stars is pretty short with Escea models being the highest output and the most efficient. If you are looking for an efficient product made locally in New Zealand, Escea offers you the best choice. You can see the latest EECA list here.

Escea’s presence on this list means that some funding might be available for your purchase of Escea fireplace under environmental programmes run by the government and local councils. Local councils often run their own environmental programs and in many cases refer to the EECA list in their funding criteria, so it may be possible that in your area there are further grant options available from your local council.

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