Electrical vs Gas Heating. What is better for your home?

Research by BRANZ discovered that by using gas and LPG in our homes, we could halve New Zealand’s household electricity demand. Currently, our excessive reliance on electric heating is causing a huge strain in our electricity system in NZ. Even though heating with gas has less impact on the environment than electricity. However, gas heating appliances have a higher initial purchase cost causing people to deter themselves from a gas heating option. When we’re assessing what heating solutions we should put into our home it simply comes down to: efficient natural warmth that adds to your home’s comfort and the health of those in it.

So what is better for your home, electrical or gas heating?


While we want comfort, we are also conscious of the environmental impacts of our consumer decisions. Your choice of heating has an impact on the environment. Selecting the right make and model can have a big impact. As will selecting either gas or electric heating.

The impact on the environment is influenced by the fuel type and the efficiency of the product.

Contrary to popular belief, heating with highly energy efficient gas appliances has less impact on the environment. Gas products produce fewer emissions than electrical appliances, and have lower operating and maintenance costs. In addition, gas is the cleanest burning, lowest emissions fossil fuel.

Another positive of gas heating is that it gas converts heat in an efficient manner. The super efficiency of gas heating systems means the majority of the energy it consumes is converted into heat.

Natural gas has a high efficiency rating. It may come as no surprise that plug-in heaters have been rated as among the most expensive ways to heat your home. Gas heating offers a wide range of efficient heating solutions. For example, our DL850 fireplace is a perfect balance of high performance and super efficiency.

Running on gas means freedom from the reliance on electricity. This, in turn, has an impact on your electricity bill, another box ticked. Gas heating also means in the event of a power cut, you will still be able to heat your home. Our ST900 gas fireplace comes with a back-up battery pack, so you won’t go without heat. If you live in a region with cold winters, this provides some reassurance you will still be able to heat your home.

If you already have a gas supply, it is a simple matter of connection.

With LPG propane gas, this contemporary heating solution has the benefit of only paying for the gas you use. Gas heaters provide easily adjustable, instant heat, and there are a wide range of options available to suit your personality.

For people that love the character of a fire and the visual impact of a flame, gas heating provides this and more. Not only is it a comforting sight after a long day, it creates an intimate atmosphere that grants togetherness and relaxation. The home fireplace should not only be efficient and easy to use, but also be a thing of beauty.



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