How to Upgrade Your Fireplace with an Escea AF700

This how-to upgrade your old brick chimney or masonry cavity fireplace by using an Escea AF700 gas fireplace. If you old fireplace looks wider you can use our wider AF960 gas fire.

Retrofit Fire in Wooden Chimney Outer

[Disclaimer: The Law requires that the installation of the AF700 must be completed by a qualified gas fitter. In addition, the warranty will become void if the installation is completed by an unqualified person.]

Prior to installation, assess the fireplace to determine:

  • If the chimney cavity is wide enough.
  • The chimney is suitable to run a flue.
  • If you need any expert assistance in making the cavity wider (concrete or brick cutter).

The Old Fireplace is removed

Original Wood Fire

Empty Firebox

Empty Firebox

Escea Flexible Flue

The flexible flue is supplied in a compressed form and needs to be stretched to the final length. The gas fitters will stretch it out and then feed it down into the chimney . The cowl is clamped to the top of the flexible flue.

Two workers stretching Flue

Worker installing flue

Installing flue down chimney

View of top of chimney

Gas Fitter for High Heat Output fireplace

The gas fitter will retrieve the flue at the bottom and fix the flue pipes onto the firebox, connect your gas and fit the fire. You will possibly need an electrician to fit a powerpoint in the cavity to power the fireplace and also connect the ethernet cable for Smart Heat. If it is too difficult to reach the Ethernet cable from the router to the fireplace, we have a solution.

flue shown through chinmey

Open chimney face, mid install

Escea Fuel Bed

The fuel bed is placed into the firebox and the glass is placed onto the fireplace. The AF700 fireplace has two layers of glass. This means that no mesh or fireguard is required

The stretch fascia is perfect when you have a cavity slightly larger than what the slim fascia will cover. In more extreme circumstances where neither fascias will cover the gaps, you can purchase a register plate. This register plate seamlessly blends with the black fascia. See image below.

Finally, the gas fitter will clean up and you will have a brand new Escea AF700 burning brightly to enjoy.

Final photo of install


This model has been superceded by our DF series.

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