News story features Escea’s European success

Sold across the world in the U.K, Australia, North America, and now in Europe; Escea’s DX Series fireplaces are only just warming up.

Awarded a Bronze at the New Zealand Best Design Awards in 2012 and placed in the top six in The World Architect News Product of the Year in 2013; the DX1500’s design has proved to be a winning factor. Under the European testing methodology, the British Standards Institute gave the DX1500 a 94.1% energy efficiency rating, which makes it the most efficient gas fireplace in Europe.

TV One Crew

Entering a market where people are even more environmentally conscious than New Zealand, and have had a major focus on insulated housing and energy saving, for years, was a daunting task –but with hard work and commitment, Escea met the challenge head on and hasn’t looked back.

TV One Crew at Escea

Nestled in New Zealand’s best little city, Dunedin, Escea crafts 15-20 fireplaces every day from their Green Island factory. Escea’s CEO, Nigel Bamford notes, “Dunedin has traditionally been a manufacturing hub for the country, and a lot of that knowledge and infrastructure is still here”. Nigel consistently stresses the benefits from being based in Dunedin; from a stable workforce and solid manufacturing history to just being a great place to live and work.





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