ST900 Gas Log Fire Launches in Australia

The Escea ST900 fireplace is Escea’s smaller, easy-to-install fireplace with our most natural-looking flame display, perfect for rooms in which ambience is the focus, rather than heat. The ST900 has been a huge success in New Zealand and the USA since its original launch in 2009, and Escea is excited to announce its official launch in the Australian market this December.


To order, contact your local dealer or distributor.


Flame Effect – One double helix full surface burner fills the firebox with flames without overheating your room. 60% more flames for 30% less gas.


Zero Rated – One of the only fireplaces certified for below-TV installation. Our suspended firebox allows convected airflow to cool the outer shell of the unit, so that you can install the fire into timber framed cavities. This heat deflection system allows it to be placed below any TV.

Silent Operation – Radiant and convected airflow only. No fan. Totally silent.

Fascia – The elegant Ferro fascia comes in Titanium Silver or Volcanic Black.

Fuel Bed – Australians can choose between New Zealand River Pebbles and White Pebbles topped with Driftwood.

Flue – The ST900 uses a direct flue for easy installation.

Battery Pack and Control System – The standard battery pack allows the fire to run during a power outage and the thermostatic remote maintains your requested temperature. Both come standard with each unit.

Parts Servicing – ESCEA’S specially designed modular drop in ignition tray system combines all internal componentry into one compact unit, making servicing quick and convenient without the need for separate access points.

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