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How to Install a wood fireplace?

How do you install a wood fire, and who can do it?

Freestanding – TFS650, TFS1000

The TFS650 and TFS1000 are freestanding fires offering simplistic installation. Either a hearth is laid down or the fireplace is installed onto a non-combustible floor. 

A plinth or structure is fixed to the hearth or floor, to raise the fireplace to its desired height. The fireplace is installed onto the plinth and the flue is extended vertically through to the roof.

An electrician will be required to provide a single 3-pin plug adjacent to the unit to operate the fan.

More information on installing the TFS Series Wood Fireplace can be found in our installation guide.

Inbuilt – TC950

The TC950 is an in-built fire and is designed to be installed into a Zero Clearance Kit which then has another cavity or enclosure around the fireplace. The fireplace is essentially hidden in the wall, with only the glass door visible.

A builder will build the framework leaving space for the TC950 and Zero Clearance Kit. The fireplace installer will install the fireplace, Zero Clearance Kit, and flue. After this is complete, wall linings are installed, and sub-trades will complete any finishes. 

An electrician will be required to provide a single, 3-pin plug adjacent to the unit to operate the fan. With the TC950, a 3-pin plug can be within the cavity, but with an isolation switch located outside the cavity.

More information on installing the TC Series can be found in our installation guides.

What is a Zero Clearance Kit and why is it important?

A Zero Clearance Kit acts as a shield against combustible materials. It acts to contain heat, directing back out into the room or the flue system. This control of the heat helps to insulate timber framing or other combustible materials from the heat of the fireplace. It does not make the Zero Clearance Kit cool, but it does control the temperature and force a clearance to allow for the safe installation of combustible materials around the fireplace.

A zero clearance solution is required for all non-masonry installations. Escea provides a Zero Clearanc Kit as an optional extra with your TC950 Inbuilt Wood Fireplace.

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