Interior Design trends taking the world by storm this Winter

Interior Design trends taking the world by storm this Winter

Winter is a beautiful season, full of tone and texture.  In the design world, we’re inspired by the moody silhouette of bare trees, the snow-capped mountains and the 4pm golden hour.

Whether you love the cooler months, or you’re just hibernating until spring, you’ll want to bring a little extra warmth to your interiors – physically, conceptually and emotionally.  

And there’s no shortage of inspiration to be found. From eclectic art collections to quirky candles and opulent retro sofas, here are this seasons trends taking the design world by storm this winter. 


Image: Ulrika Westman

There’s nothing like a pop of art to brighten up the room, and your mood.  This winter, designers are loving eclectic art collections that celebrate a variety of styles and origins - creating spaces with world-wide influences that entice and engage.

Many art collectors look at the process of buying art as a collection of the lives around us, harnessing moments and memories.

Buying art locally is a great way to connect with your community and support small businesses too. Search for art that sparks an emotion or triggers a feeling of nostalgia – these pieces will continue to nurture you through the years.

 "Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style." - Billy Baldwin 



It’s no secret that there is a big trend towards filling your home with copious amounts of house plants. Not only do they look good, they also improve air quality which is a great benefit in winter when we tend to spend a lot more time inside.

Studies also site that bringing nature inside can dramatically improve your mood and wellbeing, with a University of Technology Sydney survey suggesting that house plants could lead to a 37% reduction in anxiety and a 58% reduction in depression.

From the popular Peace Lily, nestled in seagrass baskets to adorning vines that sweep the sides of bookcases, and retro hanging creepers that take us back to the sexy 70’s – house plants are everywhere.

As our obsession with house plants deepens, so too does our commitment.  Easy to care for plants such as succulents, cacti and the famous Mother in Laws Tongue have made way for more high maintenance plants that force us to exercise some mindfulness in looking after them, such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.


Feature Fireplaces

The fireside beckons us in winter, not only is it the warmest spot in the house, but it’s no secret that we are intrinsically drawn to spark and flame.  Creating a space by the fire that is cosy and inviting makes this experience so much better.

As fireplace technology progresses in leaps and bounds, Architects and Designers are pushing the boundaries when it comes to installation and design.  

No longer relegated to the corner of the living room, Escea gas fireplaces feature flexible flue technology, with flues that run up down and sideway – even under the floor. 

From grand mantelpieces to quaint conversation corners. Double sided room dividers and classic freestanding fires – there’s never been more choice when it comes to creating the perfect fireside retreat.

Exposed Bones

Image: Escea DFS70 Freestanding Gas Fireplace. Credit: Derek Swalwell

Nothing brings depth to a home more than earthy and exposed raw materials.  Having natural elements in your home during the winter months when you’re spending less time outdoors is another great way to feel connected to the environment.

You don’t need to spend time scrolling on Pinterest to see that the pairing of luxurious modern materials such plush seating and contemporary artwork, next to raw materials like concrete, brick and timber is trending.

The juxtaposition of the natural materials with man-made design elements inspired by years of culture and history balances your space, while also adding just the right amount of intrigue and curiosity. 

Bold Sofas


Bold sofas are becoming an icon of 2021 interior design. Daring colours, textures, patterns, and shapes are everywhere, from vintage crush velvets to opulent retro and flaunting Art Deco curves.

Eclectic styling when it comes to seating has also returned – yes, that burnt orange armchair does go with that navy 3-seater – and you absolutely can miss-match leathers and linens. Think of your seating as distant cousins, rather than sisters.   

The eclectic style is something we are seeing increasingly in the wake of COVID-19, as it leans into the evolving purpose of our homes to be versatile as we constantly respond and adapt to changes.

Creativity takes courage – Henri Mattisse

Quirky Candles

Image Credit: Lex Pott

We couldn’t have picked it, but candles have gone viral. It might have started with the sought-after Lex Pott twist candle that rose to Instagram fame in 2020, but now its extended to candles of all shapes and sizes, from playful colours from Blazed Wax to celebrations on the female form from Cario Label.

We’re seeing less of the minimalist aesthetic of Ecoya and Lumira and more interesting forms paired with designer candle holders.  In fact, Vogue has named alternative candles in the top interior design trends to note in 2021.

A great way to add a touch of interest to any vanity display, side table or mantelpiece – with a romantic ere of nostalgia and an excited essence of the present.   

"There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future." - Charlotte Moss 

Statement Mirrors


Mirrors have always been a pinnacle of design, both functional and aesthetically pleasing, they’re also a great way to create the illusion of endless space.

In 2021, mirrors have become a statement. At a time when we need less self-reflection and more self-expression, mirrors are showing up as playful, contemporary, avant-garde design pieces.  Solving the age-old conundrum of fashion versus function.

From the French informed, freestanding mirrors, delicately propped against the wall, to vintage multi function mirrors adorning the walls like a work of art – there is a lot of fun to be had with mirrors.

Earth based hues – Dulux colour for winter

Image: Dulux

This winter, Dulux is picking an earthly palette of tonal blues that create a sense of calm and retreat and set the scene for a peaceful, winter hibernation.

You don’t necessarily need to take to the walls with a paint brush – you can incorporate these colours through your furnishings, bed linens, rugs or other decorative features.  Playing with a spectrum of colours and textures will inspire an intrigue that hits just the right balance of relaxing and engaging.

Dulux recommends balancing out these blues with earthy neutrals like warm beige, brown and even terracotta if you’re feeling daring.


Nothing inspires and informs design quite like Mother Nature, its as if the seasons change to give us a push outside our comfort zones – towards something new, or even something old, that we make new.

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