What type of outdoor fireplace is for you?

What type of outdoor fireplace is for you?

Deciding you want an outdoor fireplace is easy. It’s deciding which type of outdoor fireplace you need that’s the tricky part.

From fuel source to cooking capabilities, placement, and design – there are lots of questions you should ask yourself before settling on an outdoor fire.

Let us help by taking a closer look at fuel types, design and functionalities to consider when choosing an outdoor fireplace.

Fuel Type: Gas or Wood?

Fuel type is one of the first things you should decide on, and you probably naturally lean to one side or the other. Are you a real flame fiend and love the experience of collecting firewood, lighting, and tending to a fire? Or is turning the flames on at the touch of a button more your thing?


For the traditionalists who are drawn to natural flames, a wood fire provides a consistent, long-lasting heat that’s hard to beat. The romance of roaring flames under the stars, and marshmallow toasting into the wee hours is what makes wood fires so enticing.

If this sounds like you, be prepared to have a stack of dry wood at the ready, and the patience to get the fire started and keep it going. Because after all, it’s the whole experience that makes an outdoor wood fire so satisfying and nostalgic.

When it comes to installation, wood fires need to be surrounded by non-combustible materials like bricks or concrete. You’ll need a hearth, and a flue to draw the smoke and fumes away, too.

Make sure you check with your local council to see if consent or a permit is required, and just as you would your indoor wood fire, it’s recommended you get the chimney swept every year.

Outdoor wood fires like Escea’s EW5000 are a great option for those who want a powerful heat, and the experience of lighting and tending to a real wood fire.


If you’re after a no-fuss, easy-to-use and install outdoor fire that you can turn on in an instant, then gas might be better suited to you.

Perfect for those who lead busy lifestyles and don’t have the time (or the space) for a wood fire, wood storage or to be messing around with lighting and tending to the fire – a gas fire gives you flames at the touch of a button.

Installation is easy too. You don’t need a masonry surround, nor a flue – just adequate ventilation. Plus, unlike a wood fire, they can be surrounded by non-combustible materials and can even be placed on a deck or balcony.

You’ll need a registered gasfitter to connect the fire to your gas supply – either LPG or mains gas. And again, it’s recommended you get your outdoor gas fire serviced annually.

Escea’s EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fire generates up to 16.5kW of heat and switches on at the touch of a button.

Functionality: To grill, or not to grill?

Are you a BBQ lover, or antipasto connoisseur? Either way, there is a fireplace to accompany you into the night.

If you love hosting a crowd and are loyal to the classic backyard BBQ – consider an outdoor wood fire that comes equipped with cooking grills.

While a standard outdoor fire is capable of toasting marshmallows, some outdoor wood fires like Escea’s EW5000 come with removable grills and hot plates, suitable for everything from sausages to steaks, grilled veggies, and desserts.

But if you’re really looking to up your grilling game, then an outdoor cooking fire like the Escea EK Series really takes things up a notch. With 13-point adjustable cooking plates, meat hooks and even a pizza oven accessory, this professional outdoor cooking fire was made for serious meat-lovers and flame fiends.

Escea’s EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen offers both Cooking Mode and Fire Mode, inspired by traditional Argentinian cooking methods.

If you’re looking for something that gets everyone involved, Escea’s Fire Table is a freestanding fire that also comes with removable cooking plates, grills and a kebab holder. Everyone can join in on the cooking, and gather around the flames for some classic campfire fun.

The best thing about outdoor wood fires like these is that you get two appliances in one - saving you on precious backyard space and consolidating your outdoor kitchen appliances into one that heats, cooks, and looks good too.

Perfect for social gatherings, the freestanding Fire Table is and an outdoor table, grill and fireplace all in one.

If all this sounds a little much for you, and you’re all about spontaneous nights, wine and cheese – a gas fireplace like Escea’s EF5000 will suit you just fine. No food prep or grilling required – simply switch the fire on and get straight to the business of relaxing by flame.

Design: Where should my outdoor fire go? 

Some fires can be installed just about anywhere in the backyard; however, others have more restrictions depending on the design of your home, and the design of fire itself.

Indoor-outdoor flow 

If you’re looking for ways to extend the footprint of your home and create that magical indoor-outdoor flow, look for a fire that can be designed into the exterior of your home.

Most gas fires can be attached to the home, making them perfect for outdoor rooms that share the same roof as the house. If you’re keen on a wood fire and you’re looking to extend your kitchen to the great outdoors, then Escea’s EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen also has the unique ability to be attached to the home too.

Make sure you check the manufacturer's guidelines first to ensure the fire is installed to the correct specifications and ample ventilation is available.

The Escea EK Series features unique technology which allows it to be attached to the exterior of the home.

Secluded sanctuary

If you’ve got ample space in your backyard and are looking for a fire to set the scene, your options are endless.

Most fireplaces can be installed freestanding - you can either buy them like this, or you can build the surround yourself. So as long as you have the correct foundations prepared, checked in with your local council, and follow the manufacturer's instructions, the choice is all yours.

For intimate social gatherings, circular fires like the Fire Table are great for fostering conversation and connection, while the EW5000 Outdoor Wood Fire is perfect for basking in the flames of a real wood fire (and is ready for late night grilled snacks should you be tempted!).

Escea’s Fire Table is freestanding which means it doesn’t need to be fixed in place and can be freely moved around the garden.

As with all outdoor fires, make sure you check the manufacturers installation guidelines and specifications.


Explore Escea’s full range of outdoor fireplace here.

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