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FAQ: Fireplace surrounds

Fireplace surrounds

What materials can I surround my fire in?

Innovative Zero Clearance technology means that when it comes to choosing a surround material for your gas fireplace, most decorative materials and finishes are possible. Zero Clearance means that no clearance is needed between the fireplace and combustible materials such as timber. Therefore, fireproof materials are a thing of the past as it eliminates the need for expensive fire-rated structures. 

It also means that the wall linings can be fixed directly to the fire metalwork, allowing the glass front to be on the same plane as the lining and become ‘one with the wall.’

Because of this, materials like timber, wallpaper and even leather can surround the fireplace. It also means that the fireplace doesn’t need to protrude out from the wall to create a seamless look.

Clearances for outdoor wood fireplaces are a little different – they need to be fully enclosed in a non-combustible material. Make sure you read the specification and install guide thoroughly before installation.

Read more about Zero Clearance here.

What if I don't have enough wall space for a surround?

If you’re short on space and don’t have the wall room for an inbuilt gas fireplace, a modern freestanding fireplace might be suitable for you. The slim design and smaller dimensions mean that it can be installed almost anywhere (against a wall or in the middle of a room). It doesn’t require a hearth either and can be installed directly onto the floor.

Learn more about the DFS Freestanding Gas Fireplace here.

Can I install a gas fireplace into a traditional fireplace surround?

Retrofitting a gas fireplace into an existing cavity is reasonably straight forward. Escea has insert fireplaces (available in two sizes) that can simply replace an old wood burner or open fireplaces (gas or wood). The DF700 gas fire was designed with renovators in mind and means that you can keep the character of your existing fireplace without having to rebuild your entire living space – the flue simply gets fed down the existing chimney and connects to the new firebox.

Learn more about retrofitting a gas fireplace here.

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