TC950Inbuilt Wood

Made in New Zealand


Inbuilt Wood Fireplace

Strong clean lines, a large viewing window and better home performance - this inbuilt wood fireplace was made for the minimalists.

A pared back aesthetic makes way for a large firebox for a maximised display of flames. But it’s more than just a pretty face.

Unlike most wood fireplaces, the TC950 benefits from Escea’s Direct Vent Technology – an innovation based on 20 years of experience now debuted in Escea’s wood fireplaces. It also features a built-in heat-activated Smart Fan for a more efficient heating.

The Escea TC950 pushes the boundaries of wood fire design with a sleek minimalist finish that blurs the lines between the wall and the flames.

For certain installation types, Escea also provides a Zero Clearance Kit to streamline the install process and make installing an Escea wood fireplace as easy as possible.


Escea Feature: Direct Vent Technology

Direct Vent Technology

Unlike most other wood fires that use room air to fuel the fire, Escea wood fireplaces use Direct Vent Technology, meaning that the room air and the firebox air don’t mix.


The firebox functions independently of the room, with all the air needed to fuel the fire coming from outside the home; and the exhaust air being returned outside.


So, the heat stays in, and no cold draughts are created - for better overall home performance.

Escea Feature: Optimal Firebox Design

Optimal Firebox Design.

The firebox shape is designed to maximise heat output, while also maximising space for large logs.

Escea Feature: Generous Window

Generous Window.

The pared-back design of the firebox makes room for a large viewing window, for maximised flame viewing.

Escea Feature: Zero Clearance Kit

Zero Clearance Kit.

Escea provides a Zero Clearance Kit to streamline the install process and make installing an Escea wood fire as easy as possible.

Escea Feature: Built to last

Built to last.

Made from 4 & 5mm steel with precision robotic welding, Escea wood fires use modern processes and materials for maximum robustness.

Escea Feature: Framed or Frameless

Framed or Frameless.

Opt for a sleek finish for a framed view of the flames, or blur the lines with a minimalist trim.

Escea Feature: Smart Fan

Smart Fan.

The Escea TC950 Wood Fire boasts a heat-activated built-in Smart Fan which only turns on when the temperature is warm enough. Now, that’s smart.

Escea Feature: Designer Flue

Designer Flue.

Escea gives you the choice of the Classic Flue for a traditional look, or an exclusive Designer Flue for a polished roofline aesthetic.




750mmMax. log size

150-220m2Est. heating area

$6,499AUD+ Extras*

TC950 diagram
  • Efficiency 62%
  • Flue TypeDirect Vent
  • Clean Air ApprovedYes
  • Emissions1.00g/kg
  • Appliance Size (mm)1050w x 746h x 423d
  • Firebox Opening Size871w x 368h
  • Fascia OptionsFrameless Trim, Linear Fascia
  • Flue OptionsStandard, Designer
  • Steel Thickness5mm Internal, 4mm external


  • Direct Vent
  • Smart Fan
  • Clean Air Approved
  • Generous Window
  • Zero Clearance Option
  • Includes Fire Gloves & Moisture Meter


  • Firebox Warranty10 Years
  • Total Warranty1 Year

Price includes:Firebox

*Extras:Install, Flue, Fascia

Design Your Fire.