7 Reasons to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your New Home or Renovation

7 Reasons to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your New Home or Renovation

When it comes to choosing a fireplace for your new home or renovation, one question we get asked a lot is ‘why should I choose gas?’

There are some outdated misconceptions about gas fireplaces that we need to put right! Gas fireplace design and technology has come a long way and those who have a modern gas fireplace know how efficient and beautiful they can be.

We might be biased, but here’s what we love about gas fireplaces:

1. Retrofitting is easier than you might think

If you’re replacing an old in-built log burner or open fireplace but want to keep the original surround, installing a new gas fireplace in its place is easier than you might think. As long as you have an opening big enough to fit a new firebox and the brickwork is in good order, it’s as simple as getting your gas fitter to install the new fire and run the flue up the existing chimney.  All this without having to rebuild your entire living room.

2. Heat output is actually really good

Escea gas fires don’t just look good but they actually heat too. They range from the DF700 which generates up to 5.9kw of heat (ideal for heating smaller rooms) to the DS Series at 10.5kW (suitable for larger open plan spaces). Escea also has Multi-Room Heat Ducting technology which allows certain models to duct heat into other rooms in the house too.

3. Switch it on with your smartphone

Gas fires don’t require the chopping of wood, a dry place for wood storage, or patience for lighting and keeping it going – instead you can switch an Escea gas fire on with one touch or swipe from your Smartphone. Plus there are different power modes to choose from, and you can select the temperature that’s just right for you, all from the comfort of your couch.

4. You can surround an Escea gas fire in almost anything

Escea gas fireplaces are Zero Clearance rated which means the interior wall stays cools enough to handle most materials. So when it comes to designing your fireplace surround, you can build the fireplace into shelving; clad it in anything from timber to wallpaper, and even place your TV right above.

5. Customise the look you want

Unlike a traditional wood fire, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fuelbeds and fascias. With numerous options available, like NZ Riverrock, Crystalight or Woodland Selection, you can choose one you love and match it to the style of your home. And if you change your mind down the track, you can even switch it up. Have a look at Escea's fuelbed and fascias on the Design your Fire online tool.

6. Design Freedom & Innovation

Escea’s Powered Direct Vent Flue uses efficient fan technology to heat the room but not the flue. The system also allows the flue to run up, down, and even horizontally – giving you the flexibility to put your fireplace anywhere in the home.

7. They’re safe for the whole family

Unlike an open wood, gas or ethanol fire, all Escea gas fires are glass fronted, sealed units. This not only helps with heat efficiency, it also makes them airtight and safe from fumes. This makes for a drier and healthier home, giving you peace of mind too.

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