Create a flame-framed window into the outdoors with Escea's DX Series

Create a flame-framed window into the outdoors with Escea's DX Series

The beauty of Escea’s range of doubled sided gas fireplaces is that it gives you a window right into the next room – but what if it could give you a flame-framed window into the outdoors?

Well, the DX Series can do just that.  How is this possible? We spoke to Architectural Advisor Matt Cuffe to find out…

First, how is this possible?

Simply put, the double-sided fire is placed directly in front of an external window the same shape and side of the fireplace.  The unique ability of the Escea DX Series to heat efficiently through a mandatory heat ducting system means the viewing glass is cool enough to be positioned only 100mm away from the external window. This minimal clearance gives the fireplace the appearance of being flush with the window – and gives you a clear view that can be enjoyed inside, and outside.  

Will the fire still heat inside?

Absolutely, the DX Series fire will heat the indoor space efficiently, as designed. With up to 10.4 kW of glorious heat being evenly distributed into the room depending on the model.  While the fire won’t offer any external heat – it will look stunning. The ambient fire will create a focal point in your outdoor area, which can be supplemented with a range of additional outdoor heating options – such as some discreet, overhead Ambe electric heaters.

How do I make this happen?

There’s certainly some things that need to be considered when installing the DX Series inside, out – our Architectural Advisory team are on hand to talk you through all of this and provide you with all the information, support and guidelines you need to pull off a seamless installation and ensure your installation meets all relevant building code requirements. 

Installing a fireplace inside, out creates a visual connection with the outdoors.  Whether you use the indoor-outdoor fire to frame a view of your garden, city outlook or seaside scenery, or you’re creating a link between your interior and exterior living areas – the design possibilities are endless.  

Even the visual integration of flame into your design will provide a feeling of warmth and endless ambience – not to mention the positive impact of flame gazing on your mental wellbeing. Flames are proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress – and we could all use a bit of that in our lives.

Emerson's Brewery and Taproom

Emerson's Brewery and Taproom creates a visual connection between indoors and out - with an Escea DX1000 double sided gas fireplace.

Founded way back in 1991, by New Zealand’s own godfather of Craft Brewing, Emerson’s Brewery is a Dunedin icon.  From humble beginnings, brewing in his mother’s kitchen no less, to opening a small brewery on Grange Street. In 2016 Emerson’s reopened as a brewery, warehouse, taproom, restaurant, and cellar door – a “haven for beer lovers”.

Commissioned to bring The Emerson’s Brewery and Taproom to life was Ignite Architecture, tasked with uniting the industrial nature of the warehouse and brewery, with the ethos of the southern hospitality to create a dedicated space where the community can come together to enjoy great food, great company and of course, great beer.  

Aesthetically, the design takes inspiration from the place where Richard’s passion began - a traditional English pub, with brass studded chairs, couches and booths – and pays homage to the history of the site which was a railway yard back in the 1950s.  Subtle nods to the era are seen in railway tracks embedded into the polished concrete floor and the bespoke fittings made from reclaimed materials, such as the striking chandelier by Unique Creative that hangs above the dining room – made from old saw blades and Emerson’s flagons.

Steel brewing tanks are a key feature of the design, creating an industrial backdrop to the restaurant and bar as well as being visible from the exterior of the building. In an open plan conversation corner, the starkness of the brewery is warmed up by the furnishings, carpeting and an Escea DX Series doubled sided gas fireplace set into a polished brick concrete surround.  

The Fireplace

Just like the open plan taproom layout connects the bar, dining room, brewery, and warehouse – the DX1000 gas fire connects the indoor and outdoor space, installed into the exterior wall, it creates a flame-framed window into the outdoor courtyard – and vice versa.

The addition of the fireplace brings warmth to the dining room, both physically and aesthetically – the polished brick paired with the concrete hearth is a material reference to the London underground.  In the courtyard, the fireplace creates fiery looking glass into the dining room and brewery – the perfect way to immerse patrons into the world of craft brewing.

While the fireplace doesn’t provide heat to the outdoor space – it sets the scene for craft beer connoisseurs to connect and converse over their favourite New Zealand Hazy.  And a bowl of thrice-cooked chips, of course. 


Learn more about the DX Series Indoor Outdoor Fireplace here, or see it at your nearest Escea Dealer here.

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