Engaging the Elements - Two Escea Fireplaces Create Indoor Outdoor Flow

Engaging the Elements - Two Escea Fireplaces Create Indoor Outdoor Flow

Nestled in the suburbs of Yeronga, Queensland, this mid-century home designed by grayHAUS is a trans-seasonal sanctuary, where each space flows into the next.

With Mother Nature, the muse, the design brief called for “bold concrete elements softened with timber joinery, greenery and fire elements” fostering conversation between the indoors and out.

The kitchen is the centrepiece of the home, keeping a watchful eye over the ground floor.  Concrete ceilings and textured marble surfaces bounce light through the room, highlighting the wooden accents featured throughout the home and inviting the outside, in. 

 Emphasising the home's engagement with the elements, two Escea fireplaces converse and compliment the indoor-outdoor flow. 

The Escea DS1400 accompanies long nights of conversation and connection. The matte-black render surround was chosen to match the outdoor fireplace.

The Indoor Fireplace

Off-set in the lounge, the indoor fireplace is purposefully positioned to be visible from the kitchen, creating one extended space.   With a focus on art, earthy tones, and no TV insight; the fireplace completes a sophisticated setting for adults to relax and connect, away from devices and distractions.

The Escea DS1400 linear gas fire was chosen for this space for its flexible installation and ease of use and maintenance. Positioned directly below the master bedroom, it makes use of Escea’s Flexible Flue technology which allows it to be flued horizontally rather than vertically.

The fireplace is built into a matte black render surround, carefully chosen to disappear into the room, highlighting the flames even more when the fireplace is on – and as a nod to the outdoor fireplace.

The Outdoor Fireplace

At arm’s length from the kitchen and dining space, an outdoor entertainment area is framed in greenery and natural materials with a modern finish - beckoning long days and nights of hosting friends and family.

The Escea EW5000 creates a dramatic focal point in the outdoor courtyard which can be seen from the open plan living area.

Though the Queensland climate does not call for an outdoor fireplace year-round, the Escea EW5000 was included as a statement feature, speaking to the earthy inspirations of the home.  And to be used in the cooler months. 

An outdoor lounge is centred around the fireplaces taking in the flames, the lush greenery, and the pool - creating a tranquil, zen-like retreat in the suburbs.

The EW5000 was chosen for its generous size, easy maintenance and cooking capabilities – perfect for a family who loves to entertain and feed a crowd.

It was easily installed atop a concrete plinth with an exposed flue, for a raw, rustic finish that accentuates the abundance of plant life and connection to the elements, and adds warmth and soul to the outdoor space. 

Inherently, human beings are drawn to flame, studies show that flame-watching can lower our blood pressure and reduce stress, allowing us to open ourselves up to creativity, culture and connection. The integration of flame into the design of this home creates a place of calm that this family can enjoy, at home, every day.

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