How it Works: EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

How it Works: EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

Escea’s EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen isn’t your ordinary outdoor fire.

Its ability to transform from a professional cooking fire to roaring fireplace makes it stand out from the crowd. Not only that, but its sheer size is a feature in itself. And don’t forget that it can be attached to the house for seamless indoor-outdoor flow too (which means the drinks fridge is only ever a few steps away!).

From flame-grilled veggies, to lamb racks, juicy steaks and now even pizza, the EK is capable of cooking the ultimate meat lover’s feast. From the process of lighting the fire, to grilling, then relaxing, the whole experience is what makes this fire so epic.

Watch this video to see how the EK works and what makes it different.



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