Escea Finalist for 2014 Chamber of Commerce OBIZ Awards

We’ve been incredibly fortunate with award recognitions recently, so we wanted to share with you just how and why we were chosen as a finalist for the Otago Chamber of Commerce OBIZ 2014 Awards.

With a loyal following of Escea customers and a continual striving to be the best, we have been able to produce and grow a fireplace range that is recognised around the world for high efficiency, ease of use, and remarkable beauty. While the fireplaces themselves hold these great qualities, we are also proud of the evolution of our brand becoming more than just a homely addition. We warm families and homes, and in turn create togetherness and a better place to live.

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Being a finalist in three categories recognises the commitment we have made to make sure we are producing the fireplaces you want in your home from design and aesthetics to heat output and energy efficiency. This wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional team we have here at Escea.

The Design Award looks at the importance of design in the business; the design inputs, how they are implemented and how they are tested. Finally, acknowledging how the consideration of design has impacted the business.

Design is central to creating the fireplaces that our customers want in their homes, but we have also recognised the application for design in our working environment as well. We have learnt that living and breathing design strategies in the office nurtures the creativity that makes our team here at Escea the best.

Next, the Research and Innovation Award is exactly what it sounds like – using consistent and constant research and development to better the products we create. The judges focused on examples of innovation in the company and how they have contributed to the business.

We understand that research and innovation is vital to developing products that our customers want to use. In fact, the development of the DX Series was a direct outcome of a market research project. This project identified the desire for a minimalist design fireplace which would be a strong focal point in the home as well as being extremely efficient. Additionally, our involvement in NZTE’s Better By Design programme has strengthened our understanding of the latest research and development methods and practices.

The Manufacturing and Primary Award is more representative of the company as a whole. This award considers the goals and objectives the company has or had and the achievements that have resulted from these.

Here at Escea, we see our goals as being very simple: to produce fires our customers want that offer beautiful, enjoyable flames, are energy efficient, and to make continual improvements that better our environment, our fireplaces and our company.

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony this Thursday the 6th November, where the best of Otago will be gathered together to recognise and celebrate the things that make Dunedin one of the best little cities in the world. Stay tuned!

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