DN SeriesPeninsula

Made in New Zealand

DN1150 Peninsula

Architecturally Designed Peninsula Fireplace

Experience the efficient warmth and ambience of flames from every angle with the new DN1150 Peninsula Gas Fireplace.

With three sides of glass and a sleek frameless design, use its contemporary shape to visually connect different zones within an open plan room, or create a cosy corner off to one side.

But its shape isn’t the only interesting thing about this fireplace – flexible flue technology allows you to put this fire in most places around the home, while its Zero Clearance rating gives you more surround options to choose from – so you can truly imagine this fireplace, any place.


Escea Feature: Complete Connection

Complete Connection

With three sides of glass, the DN Peninsula creates a seamless transition between spaces, and brings you closer to the flames than ever before – for complete connection within your home, and with the beauty of flame

Escea Feature: Truly Frameless

Truly Frameless.

This fireplace lets the flames do the talking by taking away any unnecessary detail, for a minimalist look that is truly frameless.

Escea Feature: Room Sealed Design

Room Sealed Design.

Escea indoor fireplaces are all glass-fronted with power flueing, so the room air and the firebox air do not mix. This not only helps with heat efficiency, it also makes them airtight and safe from fumes. Giving you a dry and healthy home, with complete peace of mind.

Design Freedom.

Escea’s Powered Direct Vent Flue uses efficient fan technology to heat the room but not the flue. The system also allows the flue to run up, down, and even horizontally - giving you the design flexibility to put your fireplace anywhere.

Walk into Warmth.

Escea Smart Heat connects your fire to your home network and gives you control of your fireplace from your smartphone. Whether you’re driving home from work on a cold winter’s night, or just relaxing on the couch…the perfect temperature is only a swipe away.

Escea Feature: Surround Choice

Surround Choice.

This fireplace has a Zero Rated clearance which means the interior wall stays cool enough to handle most materials. There's no need for expensive fire-rated wall constructions and when it comes to the fireplace surround, you have a wider range of choices. 

Escea Feature: TV Right Above

TV Right Above.

With the lowest TV Clearance on the market, this fireplace can be installed just a minimal 8 inches above the glass – for integrated flame and TV viewing that’s closer than ever before.


DN1150 Peninsula

3.4Star Rating

6.6kwMax. Heat Output

$12,995NZD+ Extras*

DN1150 Peninsula diagram
  • Max Energy Input33 MJ/h
  • Gas TypeNatural Gas or Propane or ULPG
  • Approx. Appliance Size [mm]1288w x 795h x 380d
  • Viewable Glass Size [mm]1056w x 394h x 285d
  • Star Rating3.4
  • Fuel Bed Options River Rock, White Coals, Black Coals, Traditional Logs, Woodland Selection, Crystalight – Black or White


  • Complete Connection
  • Truly Frameless
  • Room Sealed Design
  • Design Freedom
  • Walk into Warmth
  • Surround Choice
  • TV Right Above


  • Firebox Warranty5 Years
  • Total Warranty2 Years

Price includes:Standard Fuel Bed

*Extras:Flue, Install

Design Your Fire.