Gas Heater Safety: Know Your Flue

There are a lot of benefits to heating your home with gas; it’s cost effective, instant, reliable and easily controlled.

Not all gas appliances are the same however, with gas technology coming a long way in recent years.

When it comes to making the safest choice for your family and home, there are some key innovations that you should look out for when purchasing a new gas heater.

And one of the things that confuses people the most is flue types. To help you understand how gas fireplaces work, here’s some common flue types.

Types of Fireplace Flues

flue typesVent Free

Older Vent free or Unflued fireplace designs release all the combustion gases into your home.

Open Fronted

Open fronted fires have a flue, but most of the heat escapes up the flue, and combustion gases may still emit into your home.

Basic Vent Flue

When Basic Vent Flue fireplaces came along, they offered more efficiency with a glass front, however they use oxygen from the room for combustion and may allow combustion gases to enter your home if not set up correctly.

Direct Vent Flue and Powered Direct Vent Flue

Direct Vent and Powered Direct Vent Flue gas fireplaces are also glass fronted, but more importantly, they are room sealed. 

The room air and the firebox air are kept completely separate as combustion air is brought in via the two vents (one going up and the other going down).

Powered Direct Vent Flue has the added benefit of a motorised fan directing the air-flow, so you can easily flue in any direction.

All Escea indoor gas fireplaces use Powered Direct Vent Flues, making them the most efficient and safest gas heater option for your home.  

Watch this video to learn how Powered Direct Vent Flue technology works:


Did you know Escea can flue up to 40 meters?

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