The new DS1150 Gas Fireplace is here

The new DS1150 Gas Fireplace is here

Introducing Escea's new Truly Frameless DS1150 gas fireplace, available now.  The DS1150 follows in the footsteps of last year's popular release - the DS1400 gas fireplace.

We listened when you said you loved it and wanted a smaller here it is.

Same appeal, just smaller

The DS1150 has all the same features, packaged up in a more compact size to allow the DS Series to appeal to a wider range of customers.

DS1150 gas fireplace

  • Same Flame
  • Same Truly Frameless, minimalist look
  • Same low height
  • Same flexible installation 

DS1150 gas fireplace with Woodland Selection

 The same fuel bed and fascia options are on offer, as well as the choice of either a single or double sided installation.

And just like the DS1400, the DS1150 features Escea's new TV clearance height of just 200mm above the top of the firebox.

TV and Fireplace Clearance Measurements

How they compare

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