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FAQ: Heating


Do gas fires actually heat?

A big misconception when it comes to gas fireplaces is that they don’t heat well. This might have been true 20 years ago, but gas fire technology has come a long way. Modern gas fireplaces have evolved to bring consumers a more efficient and environmentally conscious system with closed fronted design. Because they have a sealed combustion chamber there is no need for “makeup” air. 

The combustion air and the room air do not mix. These fires draw the room air into the heat exchangers and heat that air before returning it to the room, toasty warm and dry (this is called Direct Vent technology).

As an example of how efficient this is, a DX1500 or a DL1100 delivers 10.4kW of heat to the room. That’s as much as a big log burner. And it heats the room very fast at 90-95% efficiency.

Escea heat output ranges from 5.9kW for the DF700, all the way up to 10.5kW for the DS1650 and DS1900 range.

Keep reading here or read about Escea Direct Vent technology here.

Will a gas fire heat my whole house?

A gas fireplace can deliver over 10kW in heat, but the heat is vented from the front of the fireplace, so heat will be dispersed from wherever the fire is positioned. A multiroom gas fireplace can distribute heat to other rooms through vents. This is an efficient heating method as multiroom technology captures 90% of the available heat and carries it throughout the house via ceiling and floor vents.

Learn more about Multiroom Heat Ducting technology and see how it works here.

How much area will a gas fireplace heat?

As a general rule of thumb, approximately 1kW will heat 10msq of space*.

You can work this out by calculating the cubic volume of the room and match it with the kilowatt output of the fireplace model. Keep in mind this calculation is based on a fully insulated house with a standard ceiling height (2.4m) and double glazed windows.

Learn more here.

Are gas fireplaces hot to touch?

Yes. While there is a legal limit that the glass temperature must be below, it is still extremely hot if touched (however is still cooler than a standard glass-fronted wood fire). Most Escea gas fires have an optional mesh screen available for homes where the temperature would be a concern for young children or pets.  There are also more traditional freestanding fireplace screens or guards on the market too.

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