Embracing Design Freedom with Escea Fireplaces

Embracing Design Freedom with Escea Fireplaces

4 Unique Ways to Install an Escea Gas Fireplace

With Escea’s Powered Direct Vent technology and Zero Clearance rating, we’re redefining the role fireplaces play in North America’s architecture and design world.

This revolutionary technology let’s you re-imagine how you specify fireplaces into your projects, removing design and installation limitations to truly let you imagine the fireplace, any place.

Our Zero Clearance technology allows you to surround the fireplace surround with almost any material – from wood to cabinetry and drywall. No longer do you require non-combustible materials around the fireplace, and what’s more, you can hang your television just a small 8 inches above for complete warmth, ambiance, and home entertainment integration.

With our Powered Direct Vent technology, traditional limitations become a thing of the past. This versatile venting technology enables vertical, horizontal, and even under-the-floor terminations, expanding your design possibilities well beyond what you’ve seen before. 

With Escea, you can now build your fireplace directly into cabinetry, hang a TV just 8 inches above the fire, create stunning hutch-style installation, and surround the fireplace in almost any material possible.

But don’t just take our word for it, let us show you four innovative new ways to install an Escea gas fireplace:

1.       Cabinetry Installs

Build an Escea fireplace directly into cabinetry, shelving, or home entertainment units.

2.       Surround Choice

Line the fireplace surround in almost any material. 

For advice on surround material seletion and speicifications, please get in touch with our Architectural Advisory team on aa@escea.com.

3.       Hutch Installs

Create a stunning room-divider with a hutch-style install.

4.       TV Right Above

Hang your TV just 8 inches above the fireplace for complete warmth, ambiance and home entertainment integration.

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