KS55 MeshSee-through

KS55 Mesh Barrier See-through

Gas Fireplace

Big, bold, and beautiful, the Escea KS55 Mesh Barrier See-through Gas Fireplace combines high performance heat with a sleek and sophisticated look. Luxe finishes, seamless joins and an expansive glass window enhance the impact of the flames and high-definition media, for a mesmerizing display. 

Double sided, this fire creates a flame-framed window – visually connecting two spaces. While the mesh barrier not only provides an extra layer of protection, it also minimizes glare resulting in an improved flame-picture. The mesh design also makes this fireplace easy to install, with no grills or ducting required because all the heat comes directly out the front of the fireplace.

What’s more, this truly frameless fireplace features Powered Direct Vent technology and a Zero Clearance rating – for next level design freedom. 

Also available in a Single Sided model.


Escea Feature: Complete Design Freedom

Complete Design Freedom

The KS55 Mesh Barrier Gas Fireplace gives you the freedom to put your fireplace anywhere in the home, with a wider range of surrounds to choose from.


From positioning the TV right above the fireplace, to directly under windows, or built into bespoke cabinetry – the only limit is your imagination.


·  Lowest TV Clearance possible at just 8inches from the top of the glass, without the need for chase venting or grills.

·  Most advanced Zero Clearance technology on the market.

·  Shallowest linear fireplace available without compromising on flame picture.

Escea Feature: TV Right Above

TV Right Above.

With the lowest TV Clearance on the market, this fireplace can be installed just a minimal 8 inches above the glass – for integrated flame and TV viewing that’s closer than ever before.

Escea Feature: Fireplace, any place.

Fireplace, any place.

Innovative Powered Direct Vent technology gives you the ability to install this fireplace anywhere in the home – with vertical, horizontal, and even under-floor venting configurations, you can even install it directly under a window in a low chimney chase.

Escea Feature: Small footprint, big impact

Small footprint, big impact.

With its minimal depth, this fire features the shallowest footprint available without compromising on flame picture – for a sleek, streamlined look that doesn’t encroach on other valuable room space.

Escea Feature: Most Advanced Zero Clearance Rating

Most Advanced Zero Clearance Rating.

Featuring the most advanced Zero Clearance technology on the market, there’s no need for expensive fire-rated materials. This means you have a wider range of surround materials to choose from – from wood to bespoke cabinetry, the possibilities are endless. 

Escea Feature: Direct Warmth

Direct Warmth.

There’s no grills or ducting required, because all the heat comes directly out the front of the fireplace – making installation easier than ever before.

Escea Feature: High-Definition Media

High-Definition Media .

Escea’s range of fireplace media are meticulously crafted to give you the most authentic experience. Opt for nature-inspired Traditional Logs, molded from real logs, or Riverbed featuring individually hand-painted stones.

Escea Feature: Truly Frameless

Truly Frameless.

This fireplace lets the flames do the talking by taking away any unnecessary detail, for a minimalist look that is truly frameless.

Escea Feature: Subtle Mesh Barrier

Subtle Mesh Barrier.

Unlike other bulky safety screens, Escea’s subtle mesh barrier provides an extra layer of protection which also minimizes glare, resulting in an improved flame picture.

Escea Feature: Double the Appeal

Double the Appeal .

With two sides of glass, this fire is a dramatic way to designate two spaces, while connecting them through a window of flame.


KS55 Mesh Barrier See-through

KS55 Mesh Barrier See-through diagram
  • Gas TypeNatural Gas / Propane
  • Gas Input (NG/Propane)45,000 BTU-hr/42,000 BTU-hr
  • Heat Output (NG/Propane)27,675 BTU-hr/27,510 BTU-hr
  • Fireplace Size68 21/32” W x 39 1/4” H x 15 1/8” D
  • Viewing Area53 5/16” W x 25 13/32” H
  • TV & Mantel Clearance 8"
  • Appliance Weight343.9 lbs
  • Fuel Bed/MediaTraditional Logs, Riverbed, Crushed Glass


  • Zero Clearance Rating
  • Powered Direct Vent
  • TV & Mantel Clearance
  • Truly Frameless
  • Single or Double Sided Option


  • Firebox Warranty5 Years
  • Total Warranty2 Years