Indoor and Outdoor Cooking Come Together

Indoor and Outdoor Cooking Come Together

Everyone knows that designing and building a house can be pretty overwhelming. You've got so many people, trades and products involved, things to remember and problems that will inevietably arise.

HouseLab has set out to make this process a whole lot easier and less stressful for everyone. They've developed an online hub that's for everyone involved in the design, construction and home management process and keeps all project and home-related information in once secure place.

They're also the driving force behind ConceptSpaces – a series of architectural visualizations designed by some of Australia's leading architects and interior designers. The spaces are designed to inspire industry professionals and homeowners to the possibilities of residential design, while solving design and construction challenges faced in the industry today. They also explore how a space looks throughout the day, and the possibilites for different ways of modern living.

ConceptSpace 'Come Together'

“Kitchens are the meeting point for family and friends at different points of the day and night, but imagine if the cultural traditions centred around food, socialising and inter personal experiences were truly embedded in our homes.”

In HouseLab's latest concept space 'Come Together', they explore this possibility along with Bijl Architecture. Escea was thrilled to be part of the space that features the versatile EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen.

As the day moves from morning to noon, evening and night, so does the concept space; the visualisation demonstrates the way light, furniture and functionality adapts to that particular time of day.  The EK Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen becomes the grill for cooking an evening meal, then transitions to an outdoor fireplace for the rest of the night.

When designing the space, Melonie Bayl-Smith, Principal at Bijl Architecture, was looking for a solution to embrace outdoor cooking as well as creating a space for people to congregate. She chose the integrated Escea fireplace and outdoor cooking system, allowing preparation to occur outside and for food to be readily cooked and enjoyed in the casual outdoor area with minimal movement through and around the space. 

“The fireplace complements the cooking appliances inside and allows for easy grilling of freshly harvested vegetables from the garden, providing a way to achieve different flavours that can only be obtained by open flame.”

Explore the latest ConceptSpace here or learn more about the EK here.



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