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Ambient Fireplace

This silently-running indoor fireplace uses a third of the energy of an equivalent open fire. The ST900 is designed to use as an additional heat source for centrally-heated rooms, making it perfect for smaller rooms such as offices or bedrooms. With its shallow depth, Direct Vent Flue system and Zero Rating, the ST900 is well suited to both private and commercial fitouts.

The ST900 has optional battery back-up so it will still operate in a power outage.


Escea Feature: Design Options

Design Options

The ST900 comes with a large range of fascia choices which allows it to adapt to your interior design needs like a chameleon - from a variety of colours through to wood and stone finishes. The wide range of contemporary fuel beds offers further choice to help you achieve exactly the right look.


Escea Feature: All about Ambience

All about Ambience.

Because this fireplace runs silently it is ideal for use in smaller rooms such as home theatres, offices bedrooms, or even bathrooms. You'll be able to listen, read, play music or just think, with no background fan hum. The ST900 only uses a third of the energy of an equivalent sized open fire, making the flame watching even more worthwhile. 

Escea Feature: Reflective Side Panels

Reflective Side Panels.

You can choose to add reflective panels to the side walls of the fire box. The panels’ mirror-like surface reflects the flame and the fuel bed, making the fire appear larger.

Escea Feature: DX Surround Choice

DX Surround Choice.

This fireplace has Zero Rated clearance which means the interior wall stays cool enough to handle most materials. There’s no need for expensive fire-rated wall constructions and when it comes to the fireplace surround, you have a wider range of choices.

Escea Feature: Wire Mesh Screen (Optional)

Wire Mesh Screen (Optional).

As an extra, you can add a deflector screen to increase the contrast of the flame and to reduce reflections. The screen also makes it more difficult for little fingers or loose clothing to touch the hot glass.

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