This winter, it's time for change.





Make the most of the winter months and create a space you can’t wait to come home to. This winter, it’s time to update your living space with the Escea DF Series.

Time to change the narrative

From their modest firebox shape, ripe for retrofit, to their large viewing glass reminiscent of a real wood fire – find out what makes this series so versatile, and perfect for restoring the story of your old fireplace. 

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Which DF Series fire is right for you?

With four sizes available, there’s a DF Series fire that was made just for you – whether you’re looking for the perfect insert for your open fireplace, or you’re after a timeless fire for a contemporary space, find out what makes each model unique.

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Got time to take a closer look? Scroll on...

Time to restore

Escea DF700 Gas Fireplace

The DF700 is a small fire with a big purpose – to restore old open fireplaces and give them a new life

get to know the DF700

Time to revive

Escea DF990 Gas Fireplace

With an extended height worthy of the highest ceilings, the DF990 is your Heritage Hero and has all the authenticity of a wood fire burning.

get to know the DF990

Time to renovate

Escea DF960 Gas Fireplace

The DF960 was made for renovators, with a classic shape and a modern aesthetic that’s sure to age well.

get to know the DF960

Time to redesign

Escea DFS730 Gas Fireplace

The DFS730 is a contemporary freestanding gas fireplace that gives you the industrial charm of a wood fire with the ease an efficiency of a gas fire.

get to know the DFS730