How to: Master the ‘top-down’ fire starting method for Escea Wood Fireplaces

How to: Master the ‘top-down’ fire starting method for Escea Wood Fireplaces

When lighting Escea’s Direct Vent range of fireplaces, the top-down method is a ‘set and forget’ way to light your fireplace without needing constant attention and adjustment, whilst also ensuring a much cleaner burn with less smoke. 

Unlike the traditional method of starting a fireplace where the kindling, firelighters or paper are underneath the firewood, the Top-down method places the fire starters and kindling on top of your firewood, and after some time as the temperature increases, this kindling will drop down and ignite the firewood.

This is particularly important for Direct Vent fireplaces as this gives the fireplace time to begin moving hot air out through the flue system and drawing fresh air in before igniting the firewood, ensuring a cleaner burn.

How to light the Escea Wood Fire: A Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

Place several large dry logs on the bottom of your fireplace.

Step 2

Place several smaller dry logs of wood on top of the large logs, alternating the direction of the log as shown.

Step 3

Add a layer of dry kindling, again alternating the direction of the kindling.


Step 4

Add newspaper, firelighters, or your preferred fire starter on top of the kindling and light.


Step 5

Once ignited, close the fireplace door. You should now be able to leave the fireplace without opening the door for at least 30 minutes while the fire travels down the wood stack.


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