20 years of passion, innovation and kiwi ingenuity have gone into the making of Escea’s debut range of wood fireplaces – featuring the Direct Vent Technology that lead to the success of their gas fireplace range and applying to an industry as old as time itself.

Unlike most wood fires, Escea’s full range of wood fireplaces are Direct Vented, giving you less smoke, drafts, and wasted heat – for better overall home performance.

But what is Direct Vent Technology, how does it function in Escea’s Wood Fireplaces and why is it so much better for you and your home?

We can show you better than we can tell you.

Escea’s Direct Vent Technology draws air from outside the home to fuel the fire. This air then travels down the outer layer of the flue and into the fireplace.

As the outside air travels down the flue, it is pre-heated by the exhaust air exiting the inner layer of the flue.

This air is used to help the fireplace burn, while keeping the fireplace sealed to the room. The exhaust air then travels up the inner layer of the flue and exits back outside.

Other wood fireplaces use air from the room, which creates drafts and poor indoor air quality. With Escea Direct Vent Technology, no room air is used to fuel the fire, eliminating drafts, and maintaining indoor air quality.

To heat the room, cooler air from inside the home is drawn into the bottom of the fire, heated, then pushed back into the room using our intelligent heat-activated Smart Fan. So, only exhaust leaves the room, ensuring only clean warm air circulates in your home.

All Escea indoor wood fireplaces use Direct Vent Technology – for warmth that’s better for you, and your home.

Find out more about Escea’s range of indoor wood fireplaces here.

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